Twitter Mocks Rahul Gandhi For The Congress Election Result In Jharkhand And J&K

As Congress loses ground in Jharkhand And J&K;, Twitter mocks party VP Rahul Gandhi for this loss

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Looks like the bad days for the country’s largest political party - Indian National Congress are yet not over. With the state election results out for Jharkhand and Jammu Kashmir, once again the party has gone on back foot and so has the party’s face, Rahul Gandhi.

The Gandhi scion had campaigned for both the states but looks like the country isn’t impressed by him anymore. Instead the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) continues its victory leap in both the states under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi. In Jharkhand it is all set to form the next government but J&K remains uncertain as of now.

While BJP has failed to achieve its target of winning 44 seats in J&K, Congress is continuously losing ground in the country after its big General Elections debacle earlier in the year. Besides the Congress VP, Rahul has once again kept mum after his party’s poor performance.

The Congress is yet to hold Rahul Gandhi liable for the loss in both the states, instead it has focused on how there isn’t a Modi wave in the country.

However, Twitter has already decided Rahul’s fate and has held him responsible for the loss. Rahul Gandhi jokes are back on Twitter to crack you up.