Twitter Might Replace ReTweet Button With A Share Button

It seems that Twitter is experimenting with the retweet button, some users have reported to witness a share button instead of retweet



Twitter seems to be in a game of simplifying its platform with the hopes of spiking traffic. According to TNW, some users are reporting that the retweet button inside their iOS app has become a ‘share’ button.

Witnessed earlier by CNBC’s Eli Langer first noticed tweets from users affected by the changes with a resemblance of the share feature that was earlier adopted by Facebook.

The actual process of sharing a tweet remains unchanged, but those affected are being asked whether they want to ‘share’ or add comment and share. Here are two different designs users have shared:


Earlier in the day we saw Twitter introducing two new mobile features for its Android and iOS apps: photo tagging and multiple photos in a tweet. Photo tagging feature allows you to tag up to 10 people in a photo and multiple photos in a tweet allows you to share up to four photos in an automatic collage.

Twitter, which recently celebrated its 8th birthday, also gave a hint that is experimenting with a new version of its Android app that removes @ replies entirely. There could be a great possibility that Twitter might phase out the very popular @ symbol from Twitter completely.

The idea is to make Twitter more and more intuitive as Vivian Schiller Head of News, Twitter said in her tweet recently. Going by the changes one might say Twitter is becoming Facebook but it is simplifying the medium that is yet to go mainstream across the globe. Twitter is yet to confirm the new experimentation with retweet button.