Twitter Launches Expanded Tweets On Twitter

An article on the new feature expanded tweets by Twitter


Twitter seems to be on a launching spree, especially from the last few days. First there was a logo redesign, then the change in how we look at trending topics and now Twitter is going to change our experience on how we look at tweets from or According to a latest Twitter blog post by Michael Sippey, Director, Product Team, from today onwards, one can discover interactive experiences such as content previews, view images and play videos inside tweets from certain publishers.

Till day on Twitter we would find links of videos or images but from now on, we could see a content preview too. So when you would find a breaking news tweet from sites such as The New York Times or The San Francisco Chronicle it will include a preview with the headline, introductions and sometimes Twitter accounts of the publisher and writer. Thereafter you can read the article, follow the given accounts, reply or retweet or favorite the tweet.

expanded tweets

To implement the feature, Twitter had tied up with publishers like The Wall Street Journal, Breaking News, Time, etc. who would provide links and a preview.  For exclusive photos, the partners that have been tied are BuzzFeed and TMZ who will provide you exclusive photos such as from the ring of WWE. In addition to this, you can also watch moments from your favorite television shows and play videos from partners like Lifetime and DailyMotion.

The new feature that Twitter has rolled out is an effort in the direction of discovering easy and new way of content. This will allow twitteraties to preview the content before they can click on it. Besides this the preview feature having Twitter id’s of authors will bring them closer to readers. However, it would be interesting to see how many authors would be ready to do so because of the ever-increasing number of trolls.  Besides these, attaching videos to the preview is exciting and definitely will increase the activity of Twitteraties on Twitter. I won’t be surprised if tomorrow the publishers come out with an idea of including promoted tweets to these videos. Going further it would be exciting to see if Twitter ties up with Indian publishers for the expanded tweets.

Do you think this new feature will excite Indian publishers?