Twitter Is Turning On Its New Algorithmic Timeline, UNICEF Storybook Wedding

World digital media news - Twitter algorithm now appears to be enabled by default across the social network, UNICEF has partnered with Bridal Musings to raise awareness of the impact of child weddings on young girls, and more

EMarketer Reduces Projection for Twitter Ad Revenue in 2016: EMarketer has lowered its growth projections for Twitter’s ad revenue amid slowing user growth, the research company said. The micro-blogging site is likely to generate about $2.6 billion in worldwide ad revenue in 2016, up 30.8%.

UNICEF Storybook Wedding: UNICEF has partnered with Bridal Musings, a wedding blog, to raise awareness of the impact of child weddings on young girls who are forced into marriage. “Weddings are supposed to be joyous and festive occasions, but this one is anything but a fairytale. About 15 million girls will be married as children this year – their right to a childhood ripped away.” The campaign is hosted at Bridal Musings and includes Instagram images, Twitter posts and the following YouTube video.

Tumblr looks to repair ad biz with blogless ads, sales team’s return: Tumblr is trying for its own revival. It has begun to pitch agencies on “blogless” sponsored posts, dropping the requirement for brands to operate a Tumblr blog in order to run sponsored posts in users’ feeds, or dashboards. And as Business Insider reported in February, it has retaken control of its ad sales.

Marketers Still Eager to Increase Spending on Facebook and Google, Study Finds: A record 57% of marketers and agencies are allocating 20% or more of budgets to digital advertising, including 23% who earmark more than half of their spending for digital, according to the most recent in a series of studies published by RBC Capital Markets in partnership with Ad Age. Two percent said they plan to decrease their digital spend, while 82% said they plan to spend more, the study found.

Twitter is now turning on its new algorithmic timeline for everyone: Twitter’s new algorithmic timeline was heralded as the end of the service by many, but when it launched, it amounted to nothing more than the natural evolution of the prior ‘while you were away’ feature. The algorithm now appears to be enabled by default across the social network.

Twitter is killing TweetDeck for Windows on April 15: Twitter has announced that it will no longer support the Windows version of its TweetDeck application. The company said that this change will take effect on April 15 and says that you can still use TweetDeck, but just on the Web.