Twitter Is Six!

A tribute to six years of Twitter

Twitter Stories

Twitter has turned six and what an impressive six years it has been! Originating from the need that the world needed a real-time messaging system to 340 million tweets a day, Twitter has evolved a long way.

Image courtesy: CNNMoney

As a one-time active personal blogger, I was introduced to Twitter through a blogger friend who was always excited about the next big thing. To be honest, the name sounded cute so I thought, ‘yeah! One more cute thing that’s got everyone infatuated’ but a few further searches on Google changed my mind. This micro-blogging site was in the news for all the right reasons. Its sheer reach and speed made it extremely feasible for a variety of uses. You can connect, listen, converse or even start an uprising all within the 140 character limit.

Today, I bet its 140 million users have discovered at least 140 different ways to use it. But at times I wonder how this little powerful tool can also be misused in the wrong hands. Besides being threatened to lose its freedom to express, Twitter is fighting hard against mighty evil forces.

As a tribute to Twitter, we bring you a list of Twitter articles from our blog archive, which we believe might be of some significance to anybody who is eager.

1. Is Twitter Censorship Curbing Freedom Of Expression? Here we look at how and why Twitter transformed from an open conversation network to a closed one. Beginning 2012, Twitter announced that it could withhold content from users in a specific country – while keeping it available to the rest of the world.

2. Is Twitter As A News Source Credible Enough? Here we discuss about the authenticity of news that breaks on Twitter. From spreading rumors about violence to killing celebrities before time, Twitter has been misused in many ways.

3. Is Twitter for Hindi A #Fail? When Twitter launched itself in Hindi last September, we were not too impressed with its features. In this post we bring our views as well as from opinionated industry experts, who agree Twitter in Hindi could be a gamechanger for Indian businesses but not unless we are able to tweet in Hindi.

Hope you like reading these articles, and if you are looking for an exciting story, Mashable does it better. It has weaved up a beautiful post that tells the story of Twitter in the last six years. Long live Twitter!