Advertisers Embrace Instagram, Twitter Is Offfering 30-Second Skippable Pre-Roll Ads

Global digital marketing news - Twitter is now offering pre-roll advertisements through its Amplify program, Advertisers are embracing Instagram, with its video and direct-response, and more

Advertisers Embrace Instagram: Report Sees Further Potential In Video, Direct Response: Advertisers are embracing Instagram, with its video and direct-response potential gaining particular interest, according to a new report from social advertising and content marketing firm Brand Networks.

Amex Marketing Exec Tops Twitter CMO List: After Sherlocking all day, sources tell me that the most likely exec to be named to that high-profile (and thankless) job as early as tomorrow could be Leslie Berland. She is currently EVP of global advertising, marketing and digital partnerships at American Express.

Bear Story from Chile: “Bear Story”, a short film also known as Historia de un Oso, is one of the Oscar nominations for Short Film (Animated). Every day, a melancholy old bear takes a mechanical diorama that he has created out to his street corner. For a coin, passersby can look into the peephole of his invention, which tells the story of a circus bear who longs to escape and return to the family from which he was taken.

With the Internet of Things Looming, the IAB Creates a Data Center for Excellence: The Interactive Advertising Bureau wants the digital marketing community to be well positioned on all areas of data—from best practices and management to privacy and transparency. So, it’s announcing the IAB Data Center for Excellence today to kick off the industry organization’s Leadership Summit in Palm Desert, Calif.

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Coca Cola Taste The Feeling: Coca-Cola is running “Taste The Feeling”, an integrated advertising campaign bringing together Coca-Cola Light, Diet Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola Life. The Coca Cola Taste The Feeling campaign underscores the company’s commitment to choice, offering consumers whichever Coca-Cola suits their taste, lifestyle and diet – with or without calories, with or without caffeine. The global push includes an anthem commercial, contextualised for different countries, and a set of television commercials, offer intimate glimpses into stories, feelings and moments people share while enjoying Coca-Cola.

LG Enlists Liam Neeson To Star In Its Debut Super Bowl 50 Ad: #ManFromTheFuture: LG Electronics has enlisted Liam Neeson to help promote its OLED TV in the brand’s first-ever Super Bowl ad. Made to look like a trailer for one of Neeson’s action/thriller films, LG’s teaser ad was produced by RSA Films and is only 15 seconds in length — just long enough to introduce Neeson as “The Man from the Future.”

Twitter To Up The Ad Ante With 30-Second Skippable Pre-Roll Ads: Looks like long form at Twitter isn’t only being limited to tweets. Digiday is reporting that Twitter is now offering pre-roll advertisements through its Amplify program that run from 15 to 30 seconds, a substantial increase from the previous six-second standard that it adopted and was popularized by its standalone video product, Vine.