Twitter Introduces Tailored Trends

An article on what are tailored trends and why is twitter introducing them


Twitter has been constantly working to make its space of 140 characters attractive and meaningful. After the logo redesign that happened some time back, Twitter has announced on it’s blog that it is working on customizing trending topics. The feature is going to be rolled out from today, as told by Sara Mauskopf, Product Manager at Twitter.

What is tailored trends?

Till day Twitter provided you trending or most talked about topics from more than 150 locations. So if you had to find out what’s trending in India or Mumbai, then you would simply change your location. But from today onwards, Twitter would also provide tailor made trends. The customization of the trends is based on the people you follow and your location. The trend lists are going to be default on and mobile apps such as Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android. However, if you don’t wish to see the customized trending lists then just change your location on

tailored Trends

How effective is it?

The latest improvement in the Twitter algorithms for the tailored trending topics is somewhat similar to Stories in #Discover. Stories list all the links that are most popular in your network. Similarly Twitter is going to list the tailored trends for you. But will that suit you? I think it is not a bad move and is an additional way of showcasing things that may interest people. Sometime back I had shared the 3 Missing Links In Twitter in which I had highlighted that customized things that are preferred by an individual, would click. Even though Twitter is not providing what I would like right now but showing me the content based on who I follow and the location, gives all the more reason to sort your Twitter following list if you are using it for business.

I find it as the early signs of Twitter moving from an information source to a customized network where I will get what I like depending upon my interests, who I follow and where am I located at.

How do you see the new move of Twitter showing you tailored trends?