Twitter India Trends On Twitter For Suspending Accounts

Twitter India is trending on Twitter for suspending the Twitter accounts of Rahul Roushan and others

Twitter the 140 character platform known to stand by freedom of speech is once again under dark clouds for suspending accounts in India. While we are not sure what has motivated Twitter India to do so but it is already trending on its own platform for blocking a well known satire journalist Rahul Roushan.

Rahul, founder of Faking News which got acquired by Network 18 last year, was suspended from Twitter for hours.

The account has been now restored but not before losing 4K Twitter followers:

Rahul isn’t the only one, another Twitter handle – @Stupidosaur has come forward and stated that even he was suspended:

While there isn’t any official statement from Twitter India on the matter, users are sure Twitter is playing dictator

However, Shiv Aroor, journalist at Headlines Today tweeted a while ago that no accounts were suspended and it was a technical bug:

Shiv might need to get his sources right at Twitter India, meanwhile users have questioned the selection of accounts by Twitter’s algorithm:

The story is developing and we will update this as as and when there is a word from Twitter India. We haven’t approached Twitter India as it hardly responds on such matters.

We have a response from Twitter India on the matter and it is really cold. The tweet states the accidental suspension of accounts has been resolved and the inconvenience is regretted.