Twitter Experimenting With View Counts For Your Tweets

Twitter is testing a new feature in its iOS app that allows users to check how many people saw their tweet.


Twitter is on a serious roll these days with some interesting experiments going on at its end. In a new Twitter experiment, the company plans to add the number of views a tweet has received underneath every post.

The below screen grab shows the probable roll out. For now Twitter is testing the new feature in its iOS app.

twitter views feature

However, there has been no word from the social giant on when the tweet view counts feature will be officially rolled out.

Of late, we have seen Twitter introduce some interesting changes to its 140 character platform. While it recently added photo tagging and multiple image upload option, there were reports that Twitter might replace the famous ReTweet button to a Share Button.

Twitter, which recently celebrated its 8th birthday, also gave a hint that is experimenting with a new version of its Android app that removes @ replies entirely. There could be a great possibility that Twitter might phase out the very popular @ symbol from Twitter completely.

View counts of tweets for Twitter users might do the perfect ego boosting like it does on Facebook with a counter of number of likes, comments and shares.