Twitter’s New Ad Tool Lets Brands Target People Following Live Events

Twitter has introduced event targeting, a new advertising feature to help brands and businesses reach people engaged with live events on the network

After finding a grip on the live streaming market with Periscope, Twitter has now introduced event targeting, a new advertising feature to help brands and businesses reach people engaged with live events on the network.

Twitter said on its blog, “Millions of people rely on Twitter to discover and engage with a variety of live events. Whether it’s a presidential election, Coachella, Mother’s Day or the Super Bowl, if it’s happening in the world, it’s happening on Twitter.”

Twitter further added, “With event targeting, you can activate around live moments, quickly and easily. We’ll help you discover and plan for these moments, learn more about the participating audiences through valuable insights, and with one click, create a campaign that delivers the right message to just the right users as the event unfolds.”

The new feature has three basic elements:

1. Event Calendar: The event calendar surfaces major global events, as well as tentpole events related to sports, holidays, festivals, TV, music and politics in the U.S., UK, France, Brazil and Japan. You can use the calendar to determine what live events you want to target.


2. Event insights: Once you have identified the event to target, you can drill down into each event to learn more about the audience based on the previous year’s data. You can see insights such as a total audience reach, device breakdown and gender. You can also view the highest engaging Tweets from last year to make sense on how the event conversation played out on Twitter.


3. Event activation: After you’ve researched your event audience, you can create a campaign targeting the events. Event targeting can be combined with other Twitter ad targeting features such as gender, language and device.


Twitter has also found success with its beta test partners. For example, global agency MEC used event targeting to help a large brand join the conversation around a week long music festival. In another instance SocialCode, a technology and insights company, leveraged the product when working with a large CPG client around a live event.

Event targeting is available to all Twitter advertisers globally. To access the feature, log in to and select “Event calendar’’ from the Tools menu.

While it is a good news for marketers as they will be able to tweak their content based on prior results and then turn targeting over to Twitter’s algorithm, Twitter has taken care of user experience too. “Twitter’s standard ad targeting rules limit the number of ads served to a user during a certain period of time. Those rules guard against inundating people with too many ads,” Ameet Ranadive, Twitter’s senior director of revenue products told Marketing Land.

Ameet further informed that even if targeting insights will focus on historical data, ads — in the form of promoted tweets — will be pushed only to people who are engaged with the current event.