Twitter Dumps Share Totals In Redesign, How Cole Haan Drives Sales With Instagram

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1. Nickelodeon Looks to Win Back Millennials by Re-airing All the ’90s Shows They Used to Love: Nickelodeon may have figured out how to bring back the audience that flocked to it in the ’90s: rerun all of their favorite shows from that era. Its sister network, TeenNick, will air many of Nickelodeon’s iconic ’90s shows as part of “The Splat,” a new programming block airing eight hours each day.

2. Twitter Dumps Share Totals In Redesign Of Tweet & Follow Buttons: Twitter’s ubiquitous tweet and follow buttons are getting a new look, and dumping share counts, a feature of the tweet button since its inception. The redesign, coming in October, was announced without fanfare this week in a post on the Twitter developers forum and swaps the buttons’ 3D effect for a flat look that’s lately become a go-to UI choice for online platforms.

3. Twitter Rolls Out Video Cards For Mobile App Marketers: Joining the ranks of Twitter’s ad cards is the Video App Card, app install ads that enable app developers to promote their apps with video clips. The card format is rolling out of beta globally. Videos show users a preview of the app and autoplay in timelines. App marketers can use any of Twitter’s ad targeting capabilities including device, interest, keyword, location and tailored audiences.

4. Study Finds YouTube Advertisers Pay For Bot Views: More alarming news on the advertising fraud front. A new study raises questions about the reliability of the way advertisers are charged for ad views on YouTube. A team of European researchers claim their experiments show that advertisers are charged even when YouTube’s systems flag a view as coming from a bot rather than a human.

5. Pinterest Opens API Platform To All Developers: Pinterest is throwing open its API sandbox to all developers. This summer, the social bookmarking network gave API access to selected developers, leading to integrations with Polyvore, IFTTT and, this month, Topshop. Today, the company announced that developers no longer need to be pre-approved to start working with the levers to integrate Pinterest with their sites and apps. Pinterest software engineer Zack Argyle explained in a blog post.

6. Mobile Millennials Spend Almost An Hour A Day On Facebook [comScore]: US mobile millennials are Facebook’s best friends. That’s one of the more interesting findings in a report released this week by comScore. The digital measurement firm found that people aged 18–34 spend an average of 26 hours a month — nearly an hour a day — on Facebook’s mobile app. That high usage drove the overall numbers for US mobile users, who spend more of their time on mobile devices on social apps than any other category.

7. AdsNative Raises $8.5 Million Series A To Take On DFP Ad Server: AdsNative added $8.5 million in Series A funding to its war chest on Thursday as it moves to offer an alternative to the market’s dominant ad server.

8. The Limited’s new campaign features ‘real women’ in leadership positions: The Limited is the latest womenswear brand to ditch airbrushed models in favor of featuring “real women” in its ads. For its fall campaign, “The New Look of Leadership,” the retailer — which primarily sells professional clothing — asked its 4,000 store associates to recruit customers in leadership positions to star in the ads; sixty women in positions of power in tech, entrepreneurial, government, healthcare and other industries appear in the campaign.

9. How Cole Haan drives sales with Instagram: If it doesn’t work, work around it. That’s been the mantra of premium fashion brand Cole Haan, which has found a way to tie together the super-high engagement it was finding on Instagram to actual sales.

10. Twitter confirms it’s experimenting with native polls in tweets: Twitter is looking at letting users add quick polls to their tweets. A company spokesperson confirmed the possibility in a statement to VentureBeat saying, “We’re experimenting with a new way to poll users on Twitter.”

11. You can watch Netflix in virtual reality starting today: Netflix is heading into virtual reality. The streaming giant is partnering with Facebook-owned Oculus VR to release a virtual reality version of Netflix that is available starting today, September 24, on Samsung’s Gear VR headset. Netflix will also head to the Oculus Rift, Oculus VR’s headset, when it goes up for sale in early 2016.

12. Facebook Renames Its Controversial App: Facebook is rebranding its most prominent—and controversial—effort to connect the unconnected. Today the company said it will change the name of its app and mobile website, now available to mobile phone users in 18 countries, to Free Basics by Facebook.

13. Facebook Mentions now lets journalists monitor what’s being said about their stories: Facebook is expanding the capabilities of its Mentions app to now let journalists keep track of what people are saying about their articles — even if they’re not mentioned by name. To accomplish this, media professionals need to implement an author tag on their website that connects to their Facebook profile or page.

14. Citi slashes its Twitter price target, and warns it’s ‘high risk’: Citi’s Mark May revisited his projections for the company, cut his outlook for revenues, slashed his price target on the stock, and now warns the stock is “High Risk.”