Twitter #Discover Introduces Stories - Content Curation!

An article on why and what are Twitter Stories that has been introduced by Twitter recently.

Twitter Stories

Today social networks bring with them the constant problem of information overload that is faced by most of the users. The same holds true for Twitter which has always got a harsh reaction from twitteraties on the subject that it has too much of data or there is an information overload. Content curation, as we know has been on top of minds for all networks. In other words, you not only consume information but you do so depending on what you like. Twitter, which has kept its focus on advertising for a while now, has introduced a new feature on the same lines called Stories in the #Discover section, as revealed by Satya Patel on the Twitter blog.

So from the 1st of May, 2012, if you click on the Stories section in the #Discover menu, you would find a series of stories shared with you. These stories or tweets are shown to you because they are popular among people you follow and the folks they follow. For example, the below screenshot gives a snapshot of the current Stories section at my end.

twitter stories
My Twitter Stories

As you can see the third story is about the upcoming UnPluggd event as I follow the Founder of, Ashish Sinha. Besides this Twitter is showing me stories that are trending too and that’s why I am able to see the trending news of Rajesh Khanna doing his first television ad. Apart from providing a snapshot of the article, you get to see the list of people who have retweeted the story and you can see their tweets by clicking on the option “View Tweets” and if you are impressed by the story you can retweet it again and share it with your community by clicking on “Tweet this story”.

Further to this, Satya also emphasized that in the coming weeks the product team at Twitter would be bringing the same experience of #Discover to the mobile world on devices such as Android, Apple, etc.

Is it a welcome move?

Yes it is but I think that Twitter has been really very slow like Google Plus when it comes to the most basic upgrades. Over the last few months Twitter has introduced features that it should have done way before. Stories is a great option being provided to users but this should have been introduced little early. Besides this, the feature upgradation makes sense for people who still access Twitter via web. However saying that it could be a welcome change for people who access it via mobile devices.

The design is rather basic now and I am hoping it will change with time and user feedback. I also would love to control what messages I should see or wouldn’t want Twitter to pop up a certain kind of story.

Being a Hootsuite addict, I rarely use the Twitter for web but at the same time in future it will stop me from visiting 3rd party Twitter apps such as Summify,, etc. Do you think this is an interesting move considering the fact that there are more number of users who access Twitter via 3rd party apps?