After Instagram, Twitter Experimenting With Carousel Ads

Twitter is testing new suggested app ads. These ad formats are carousel in design that lets a user to see multiple app ads in one shot with simple swipes

Twitter is planning to cramp more app advertisements in the form of carousel display right inside the feed. As of now Suggested App ads appear to show a number of apps on a swipe to your right. A number of users on Twitter have noticed the large new ad appearing in their feeds.

Right now Twitter is rolling out the carousel ads for a small group of users first, following a February keynote speech where chief executive (CEO) Dick Costolo said Twitter is considering upping its ad ratio. While Twitter is cramping more app ads with this carousel display, it is trying to grab user attention on the stream with larger display cards, a deliberate attempt to drive more app installs by giving more value to advertisers.

Twitter’s suggested apps are not new, they have been present in the form of smaller tweets with a smaller scope of call to action considering how active are Twitter feeds. “The carousel provides a very easy way for people to see five to ten  apps that they may not be familiar with,” Kevin Alansky, chief marketing officer (CMO) at social analytics app, Social Radar said. “Frankly, if Twitter and Facebook both provide amazing ways to target, theoretically those apps should be tailored to my personal preferences.”

Carousel ads are not new to advertisers. Recently the Facebook owned photo and video sharing social network, Instagram launched carousel ads. The company stated on its blog – “Carousel ads, a new way for brands to share more images with people interested in their posts. Carousel ads give brands more flexibility in telling their stories by allowing people who view their ads to swipe left to see additional images and link to a website of the brand’s choice.”

While Instagram is using carousel ads as a means to tell a story, Twitter at the same time is cramping more apps as advertisement and taking more space on the news feed.

Bigger ad size and visuals will get attention from users for advertisers which was missing in the traditional way of suggest apps by Twitter. At the same time Twitter is walking a thin line of disturbing the user experience. Wonder if it is a right call at a time when Twitter is struggling with user growth and making revenues. For Q4 2014, Twitter made $479 million in revenues beating expectations but it failed to meet the expectation of 295 million monthly active users, it got 288 million.

Twitter is yet to make an official confirmation on the testing of this new ad sets for apps.