Twitter Buys Analytics Firms Mesagraph & SecondSync To Increase Its Focus On Social TV

Twitter to increase its offering in Social TV to the TV broadcasters and advertisers has acquired Mesagraph & SecondSync analytics companies



Twitter wants a bigger pie in the social TV market and hence is actively building up its arsenal. In a recent move to provide better insights to advertisers and broadcasters, Twitter has bought TV analytics specialists, Mesagraph and SecondSync.

The French company, Mesagraph has been known for developing a strong platform to provide advanced analytics that reflects how people engage with TV shows and brands to the TV ecosystem. Mesagraph runs a web-based platform called Meaningly, which gives users the ability to pull “meaningful insights” around specific topics based on what’s being tweeted about in near real-time. The Mesagraph TV API then builds on that by offering custom streams and analytics based around live TV shows.

Working in the social TV market in Europe, Mesagraph not only brings the analytics platform but also the work relationship it had with TV networks such as Canal+, France Télévisions, M6 and TF1. Mesagraph team joins the Twitter UK team in London.

The second company SecondSync , a three year old UK based company has been offering social analytics products that has enabled broadcasters and advertising units to realize the value of conversation on Twitter about TV.

SecondSync also provides a similar offering to Twitter like Mesagraph does for now.

Meanwhile, Twitter has announced that it is bringing TV ratings along with Kantar – one of its media partners to Nordics, Russia, parts of Africa and Southeast Asia. Twitter has already increased its TV foot print by launching social ratings in Germany, Japan and Australia with other partners too.