Twitter Analysis Of @PMOIndia

A detailed Twitter Analysis including follower growth, content, engagement, etc article of @PMOIndia

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The Indian Prime Ministers Office (PMO) had launched its official Twitter account in the month of January as reported by MediaNama. I was quite keen to do a story at that point but it wouldn’t have been great to review it as it was just out of the womb.  Approximately, today the official Twitter account @PMOIndia is a month old and gives me an opportunity to review it’s presence.

Follower Growth:

Presumably, the Twitter account has got all kinds of attention. If it was praised by the press then it also had appreciation from the satire community which went on to create two more look-alikes - @PM0India and @PMOIndia. However, the official Twitter account in the past one month has got over 50,000 followers with an average of more than 705 followers in a week and the growth rate can be seen in the below report provided by

I am sure that the follower base is going to grow in leaps and bounds seeing the present trend.


The content of @PMOIndia is more of awareness and spreading the good word about the government. The tweets are generally on an average of 5+ tweets in a day. You can see the frequency of tweets for the month of February in the below stats.

The content is aligned to the objective and the average has been pretty decent considering that the tweets are coming from the Indian PMO office.


Well the word “Engagement” is entirely missing from the Twitter dictionary of @PMOIndia. However, I am not surprised that the Twitter account is neither engaging in any sort of discussion nor appreciating the cool tweets of its followers.  The below stats conveys it all.

PMOIndia Twitter Analysis
Engagement Data of @PMOIndia

However of late, the @PMOIndia Twitter account had asked it’s Twitter followers to share their thoughts on 12th Planning Commission and include a #12thPC hastag as reported by Undoubtedly, it was a very positive move barring the fact that how many of those tweets are actually considered for a review. However this move generated huge buzz and the below figures say it all.

PMOIndia Twitter #12thPlan
#12thPlan Stats from The Archivist

The data clearly speaks out that Twitter is a one-to-one conversation medium and the Twitter account of @PMOIndia should give some thought to it. Obviously it won’t be easy with the bullying and negative sentiment tweets but then you really can’t play safe by just spreading what our dear PM is doing or the government is doing. Twitter success all depends on how you engage and join in meaningful discussions. It would be interesting to see if there is any change in the Twitter engagement levels. And even better if it is ready to take some tips from one of its counterpart @NMenonRao who joined Twitter during the Libya Evacuation.

Government officials engaging on social media has not overcome its inertia but then we have seen recent developments where the Government has taken some positive as well as insane steps with respect to social media. As I have said before, 2012 will define lot of things on social media and how we have perceived the Internet till now. For now I am not very interested to follow the @PMOIndia which is nothing more than a press release of data.

Do let me know if you are following and what has been your observation. Do you think government accounts should play safe to avoid brickbats or its high time they open up?

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