Twitter Ads For SMBs Are Available In 200 Countries & Territories Including India

Twitter makes its self-service ad dashboard accessible to more than 200 countries including India. Twitter also states it has about 100,000 active advertisers

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From Afghanistan to India and Portugal to Zimbabwe, if you want to advertise in any of these countries, Twitter can help you. One can debate on how many people use Twitter or are aware of Twitter in countries like Guadeloupe, Guam or for that matter Honduras. Nonetheless, Twitter is expanding its ad business for small and medium businesses, with hopes to post a strong revenue growth in Q3 2015. And hopefully buying some more time from the street.

Richard Alfonsi, VP Global Online Sales wrote on Twitter’s blog, “Today, we’re excited to expand our self-service ads platform from 33 countries to over 200 countries and territories. Now, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) from Honduras to Hong Kong can more effectively reach their target audiences on Twitter in 15 languages.”

Twitter also announced that two years later after it had launched Ads for SMBs, it has now approximately 100,000 active advertisers, up from the 60,000 that it had reported last November. Most of these advertisers represent SMBs.

Richard further mentions with features like objective based campaigns, reports and pricing which are now globally accessible, SMBs can drive better results on Twitter while only paying for the actions that align with their marketing objectives. Twitter had announced the feature last year but recently made it available globally.

Called the objective-based campaigns, the program was launched to make it easier for advertisers to create and optimize successful marketing campaigns — and pay only for the actions that are aligned with their marketing objectives. Earlier the beta program had five objectives to be selected but the latest roll out has Video Views as an additional objective.

With this latest announcement marketers can now target promoted tweets by country to nearly the entire world, in the 15 languages the platform supports. Twitter told us that targeting by state, province and ZIP code will soon be available globally, in the countries large enough to need the feature. Such targeting currently is limited to 18 larger markets, including the US, UK, Indonesia, Australia, Italy and Japan.

Twitter ads for SMBs is also active in India, allowing businesses to set up their own budgets for campaigns. There are 51 million SMBs in India, according to market research firm Zinnov and this is good news for businesses as well as Twitter to make some revenues from emerging markets.

From here on advertisers can use Twitter ads to drive traffic to their websites with Website Cards or leverage the Lead Generation Card to collect leads directly within a Tweet. To get started with Twitter Ads, visit