#TwitBid-SheepStop Way To Engage On Twitter

#TwitBid-SheepStop Way To Engage On Twitter


Sheepstop Founders

Twitter is not just about 140 characters, it also provides a platform to connect and build a relationship with your community. Sheepstop’s #TwitBid initative is a move that should be watched and appreciated by Indian startups and SMEs. Sheepstop, an online Indian shopping portal based out in Pune is going to celebrate it’s second anniversary and it’s also celebrating on Twitter via #TwitBid. Uber cool guys!

In case you are wondering why am I becoming hyper then apart from being a Twitter fan, I love the initiative which is coined as “Steal of the Day”. Sheepstop is asking it’s Twitter fans to bid every day for a cool 100% organic cotton tee. Once you place your bid after logging in and if luck is on your side then you take home the tee. Isn’t that cool 🙂 Bidding begins from INR1 and goes on to INR100. So make sure you place your bids higher if you like. Once you place a bid, the app automatically refreshes the bids if you have moved higher on the bids then it makes sure to spread the message. Well no offences but little bit of competition really is fun.

However with so much buzz about #TwitBid we thought of getting in touch with one of the founders of Sheep Stop. Bhagyashri Dixit, was kind enough to do an email interview with us which is as follows:

Q. What a great way to celebrate Sheepstop’s second anniversary. How did you guys come up with this idea of #TwitBid?
A.Great to know that the #TwitBid idea is so much appreciated! SheepStop, an eco-friendly designer T-shirt brand, was launched in September 2009 with some key missions and one of it was to get the “ZING” into online shopping. #TwitBid is a bulls eye onto this mission. We wanted people to enjoy online shopping and not merely get traffic of people who are purely in search of a deal. #TwitBid is as much addictive as it is fun and the satisfaction of winning something is way higher than merely getting a good deal. For us, it is a means to engage with our customers one-on-one and get new people on board to SheepStop. A look at the #TwitBid twitter stream will give you an idea of the amount of engagement we manage to generate.

Q. Twitter is a great mechanism of conversation but what made you select only Twitter as your tool of engagement?
A.It was not a conscious choice, it just seemed like the natural fit! #TwitBid evolved tremendously during it’s first season as we implemented feedback that we received from our users, most of whom were on twitter. Also integration with Twitter was super easy and was rolled out in a days time by our technical team! Best part of combining bidding with twitter is the inherent virality and the engagement that we generate; being able to talk to the person who is up bidding against you can lead to some really *nice* conversations as well.

Q. How has been the response for #twitbid so far as I am aware that it is a daily betting contest and it is back in popular demand?
A.#TwitBid really started as an #SM Experiment in the end of 2010 and went on for a months time. It was so loved by tweeps that they have been every since looking forward to the season 2. We brought it back as part of our 2nd anniversary celebrations. Every day till the 14th of September, a new t-shirt will be up for bidding starting INR1
Today we inaugurated Season 2 of #TwitBid and it has garnered an amazing response much beyond our expectations. Bids reached a high never seen in Season 1 and to let the party continue, we have launched a special #TwitBid inaugural offer wherein the bids can go well past the MRP. Details of the offer at: http://sheepstop.com/twitbid

Q. Any other social media initiative that you guys have planned apart from the #TwitBid
A. We will have some specials on the day of our 2nd Anniversary! So do wait for that!

Q. Finally Bhagyashri as a brand on Twitter, any advice to other  starups/SMEs who want to flourish on Twitter.
A. I am not a social media expert but with whatever experience Parag & I have gathered in the last 2 years, we would say, let the quality of your fans / followers be your targets and not their numbers. Provide all mechanisms for the community to engage but leave the engagement to them. Get conversations going on which are meaningful, helpful and fun! Innovate wherever possible and your fans will spread the word!

Thanks Bhagyashri for sharing your thoughts, we really like it. So guys, what are you waiting for.. start placing your bids on #TwitBid now!