Twist Of Taste On Fox Traveller is Back!

Vineet Bhatia's Twist of Taste series for Fox Traveller is Back for season two. We look at the Facebook campaign that the brand has started and provide you the insights


Yes, the show ‘Twist of Taste’ is back with Michelin star chef Vineet Bhatia as its Food Jockey. The show by Fox Traveller is in its second season starting on 28th of October and will be aired on the weekends.

We all know India is a huge country and each part of the country has some unique cuisines associated with the place. The show in its first season had very nicely covered this quintessential feature of the subcontinent by showcasing some unique cuisines.

In the show, the chef plans to take the viewers to the deeper parts of the country and pick up some local dishes and ingredients. We are sure the show will captivate the audience,  as chef Vineet Bhatia will add little twists to the local recipes to prepare some great dishes and present them in his own signature style.

What is the social media angle to it?

This time around, the media planners aim to engage the audience by extensively promoting the show online. If you’re wondering how they are going to do that, just click here to visit the page.

Apart from a great landing page, the Facebook app has some great links which will take viewers to chef’s recipes, contests and other pages.

With an amazing Facebook app, no wonder Fox Traveller is capitulating on the popularity of the show to engage with the viewers. One of the best way was the use of videos. Some of the great dishes of Chef Vineet Bhatia are shown in the ‘Vineet’s Recipes’ in video form and they have very intelligently put the social sharing buttons there, which ensures maximum engagement.

In general, if you are still not aware what the show is about, just click the ‘About the show’ button and it will tell you how the chef is going to travel deeper into the country to find out some more lip-smacking recipes and add his own twist.

Check out the ‘Episode Guide’ to know if the chef has visited your choice of city (I got to see my birthplace Ahmedabad on their schedule and I’m so happy that it also featured my maternal uncle’s restaurant Chandravilas!) and you see the schedule until 11th November already covered.

Now to the best part of the page, which we assume will see maximum hits. ‘Contest’ and it has ‘success’ written all over. If you’re someone who has great culinary skills, make sure you take part in this contest. It asks users to submit their own recipes where they need to add a little twist to the traditional recipes. Clicking the ‘Enter Now’ button takes you to a simple form where the user can input details like type (veg/non-veg), ingredients, method, cooking time of the recipe apart from their personal details.

Still looking for more, visit the ‘Gallery’ link to see some of the featured recipes that have been submitted by viewers. We believe, it’s great to show followers of the page some user submitted recipes and trying to get them to submit some of their own. Good way to drive more engagement on the page.

Ending Thoughts

If I am asked to rate the page, I would give it 4 stars out of 5. The reason I have taken out 1 star is - it just faulted at a place where the user might move away from the page. In case, I have not ‘Like’-ed the page and click the app, there is no way it instructs me to go ‘Like’ the page first and come back but instead it throws me to its own timeline. As a brand, this is suicidal, as the naive user may never know the reason behind his being thrown away and may not come back to the page.

Other than that, once inside the app, you have all the 4 stars. I was impressed by the subtle ways of engaging with the followers - a great landing page, coupled with videos and submission of user generated content are the features I reckon for any brand pages who aim for great engagement.

Hope you have equally good experience of this app and make sure to submit your recipe with a twist, am watching the show and will look forward to see your recipe there!