Tweetmob, Is It The New Way Of Twitter Marketing?

An article that looks at the new trend of Tweetmobs take up by brands such as Fosters AOC, The Bombay Store and Mirinda India to engage on Twitter.

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I think we have had enough of Flash mobs, now let’s make some space for Tweetmob, a flash mob on the digital space (no clue who came up with this name). In other words, it is a brand that is trying to spread its brand message on the Twitter platform with specific hashtags. These Twitter mobs have a dedicated time, hashtags and cool prizes to be won so that twitteraties talk about the brand, spread the word and in a way get it trending. The same has been tried by quite a few brands in the last few months of 2012 such as by Fosters AOC, The Bombay Store and Mirinda India to name a few.

Tweetmob Campaigns:

@FostersAOC, a brand that has more than 2000 fan following on Twitter has occasionally indulged in conversations with twitteraties along with interesting hastags. Not only did it create conversations but also succeeded to trend in India, which we had covered earlier. #FostersStrong, #ArtOfChilling and #FostersHome have been some interesting hashtags that were introduced by @FostersAOC over the last few months which got people talking about the brand and had free gifts such as Fosters merchandise and beer crates being delivered to homes. Not at all a bad way to say cheers  and make the brand popular.

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Follower Insights by @TwitterCounter

The Bombay Store walked the same way when they launched their flipflops, which was around the same time as the Mumbai civic elections. Mindshift Interactive, the digital agency of Bombay Store came up with an interesting hashtag called #ChappalMaaro (hurl flip flop). The hastag caught the eyes of twitteraties and it became popular, as we all know the sweet connection between chappals and politicians. Not only did the flipflops introduced by The Bombay Store get eyeballs but also #ChappalMaaro reached 16,277 accounts in first 25 minutes and 17,627 exposures were recorded. ((As reported by BestMediaInfo here))

Beside this, The Bombay Store indulged in ‘Gale Lagao’ campaign and #divaoftheday, which was targeted for the Women’s Day. However #divaoftheday didn’t capture the eyes of twitterraties that much as it did with #ChappalMaaro for the simple reason that listing 8 reasons fails to match the 140 character platform. I felt #ChappalMaaro was timed well and it touched the sentiments of Indians who are already fed up with the corrupt and effortless government.

Nevertheless, #Pagalpanti and #Breathless, created by @MirindaIndia did gather amazing attraction by twitteraties. These were created during its new product launch of Mirinda Orange Masala and Mirinda Orange Mango. Red Digital, the social media agency for PepsiCo’s orange soft drink Mirinda launched the #Breathless during the Valentine’s Day and #Pagalpanti on Feburary 24th. The month long activity was synched well with it’s Facebook presence too. Twitteraties were informed about the contest by tweets which had links to its Facebook brand page. A smart move so to say, to spread awareness about the other social media channels. The inaugural Tweetmob saw 2,220 tweets in a span of 9 hours which led #Breathless trend nationally. #Pagalpanti went further and saw 3,700 tweets in nine hours making it five times more in reach compared to the first Tweetmob. ((As reported by AFAQS here))

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Twitter Mention Insights by @Topsy

Lessons and the road ahead for Tweetmob campaigns:

1. Twitter is known for its reach and for its lighting speed too. It’s good to see brands having understood it and using it effectively. For example, both @MirindaIndia and @BombayStore went for the Tweetmobs during the time of their product launch which is really cool and also aligned with its objective. The campaigns that were created on Twitter were simple to be liked by the twitteraties. However, #divaoftheday didn’t get a similar response due to reasons shared before and this must have been a learning lesson for the brand.

2. Incentive for people to do something is important mostly when you are targeting youth too. @FostersAOC and @BombayStore seem to have cracked this and their idea of sending gifts related to their brand was a great idea. I wish if @MirindaIndia could have included free bottles of the new flavors as gift hampers.

3. With this, brands awarding prizes on number of retweets also didn’t gel well with twitteraties as I observed in the @MirindaIndia Twitter account. I think these could be the learning lessons for brands that would wish to use Twitter as a platform for creating awareness and engagement. At the same time, brands should also keep in mind that in the hurry to get themselves trending, they shouldn’t spam timelines. It doesn’t take much time to make or break your popularity on Twitter .

I am sure we are going to have some more Tweetmobs in future. Hopefully, it is not overdone like the Kolaveri’s and is executed smartly as @FostersAOC, @MirindaIndia @BombayStore have done.