Tata Tea Jaago Re Empowers Women With #Tweet4Change

by Vinaya Naidu on June 6, 2022

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Ever since 2007, Indians have been awakened by Tata Tea’s flagship campaign ‘Jaago Re’. The clarion call for awakening created by ‘Jaago Re’ meaning  ‘Wake up’ has been extended over the years to lend itself to various issues plaguing the country right from corruption, education, health to children and women’s rights . Starting with a website at the centre, the initiative has also adopted social media in its quest to reach out to the youth.

The latest endeavour by the evergreen social campaign is #Tweet4Change that works towards empowering women. You can choose any NGO displayed here and tweet your support for it using the hashtag #Tweet4Change and Tata Tea Jaago Re will donate Rs.100 for every tweet in its support.

There are six NGOs in all and each deserve our support. Breakthrough and Swayam that are committed to ending violence against women, Safecity that emphasizes on the rights of women to live safely in any city, Kolkata Sanved that uses Dance Movement therapy to empower and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking and violence, Blank Noise that addresses street sexual harassment and Azad Foundation that works to provide women from underprivileged backgrounds with training to become professional and commercial drivers.

The site gives you more details of each of the NGOs and the contribution made for it. There is a tweet button right below every NGO with a standard message and appended hashtag. Every time you tweet the contributed value increases right away.

jaago re tweet4 change

Having seen a promoted tweet doing the rounds, I was curious to see the social media efforts for the same. The Jaago Re Facebook page has a cover photo about the campaign to begin with, followed with regular updates about the progress of the contributions so far. It is nice to see the page marry the concept of feeling awakened by a cup of tea to actual social awakening for its more than 1.1 million strong fan base.

#Tweet4change will not only help in mobilising the youth towards being the change but also increase visibility for the long term goals at Jaago Re. The Jaago Re website serves as a platform where one can get involved, empowered and also participate actively. By involving the community in its social change efforts, Tata Tea has certainly embarked on a ‘Badey badlav ki choti shuruaat’!

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