Tweet-A-Tab: A Unique Treasure Hunt By Reliance On Social Media

An article that looks into how Reliance got #Reliance3GTabInMumbai to trend with integrated campaign tweet-a-tab that uses Facebook, Twitter and Google Maps.


Reliance Communications has launched a unique treasure hunt for its latest tablet, the V9A in a 5 days-5 cities campaign called ‘Tweet-a-Tab’ where fans have to locate the tab in a Google Map that zooms in, with the growing number of tweets.

This could very well be a story of ‘How Reliance got #Reliance3GTabInMumbai to trend’ at the top for the major part of the day yesterday. But it is much more than that - It is a beautiful integration of Facebook, Twitter and Google Maps to create a one-of-a-kind engagement through social media. Apart from terming it as wonderful, I would also call it a path-breaking experiment that has been dared on the Indian social media circuit.

How it works?

At some point in our life, we have all been part of a Treasure hunt group where all of us in the group would guess the clues to a hidden treasure. The better the guess work from the team, the nearer it is to the treasure. Replicating this phenomenon onto social media using Facebook, Twitter and Google Maps, what we get is a derivative called ‘Tweet-a-Tab’.

The Reliance 3G V9A tablet is hidden somewhere in the city and it can only be won when you unlock its location and that happens with the increasing number of tweets. The location is in a zoomed-out Google map of the city, which keeps zooming in, along with the rise in tweets.

The tablet location is finally revealed when the zoom on the Google Map is at 100%!

And then starts the offline chase in the city. Yesterday, the chase was in Mumbai, today it will be at Kolkata. Make sure you carry a copy of the tweet and your ID proof to claim the tab.

About Tweet-a-Tab app on Facebook

The Facebook app is a massive dashboard with some cool layout and design. The four tabs listed on the top are self-explanatory: How to play, Live Action, Winners and T&C. Check out the ‘How to play’ and T&C before you proceed onto ‘Live Action’.

Tweet-a-tab Reliance social media contest

Make sure you follow the brand’s Twitter handle and like their Facebook page, prior to joining the hunt. Next you got to be creative with your answers to ‘How far would you go to win the all new Reliance 3G Tab V9A?” and tweet these with the hashtag ‘#Reliance3GTabInMumbai’. The city will change as per the campaign location.

Continue tweeting using the ‘Click to tweet’ button and with the rising momentum in tweets, the map zooms in, to ultimately reveal the location at 100% zoom level.

Tweet Counter is a live display of the number of tweets. The zoom bar shows you the zoom percentage. You can use the ‘Share’ and ‘Invite friends’ option. A live update of the tweets keeps streaming by in the ‘Live Tweets’ section.

How cool is Tweet-a-Tab?

From an awesome concept to a well-crafted campaign that marries the online with the offline, Tweet-a-Tab is a beautiful integration of Facebook, Twitter and Google Maps. But then, there are many things that have been taken care of too, that together form a significant difference to the entire user experience and the campaign virality. And the best part for the winning fan other than the tab - a special feature on radio!

I liked the fact that it was a ‘like’ campaign, this factor will surely build the fan count but how relevant would this community be is a question brands need to ask themselves. There is a constant flow of live updates from the contest on the Facebook wall that builds the required excitement for its 932K fans. Also, the Facebook share and invite features help spread the word.

But above everything is the usage of Twitter to create a buzz as well as increase its followers. Tweet-a-Tab had all the ingredients required for trending unlike #sstweetstore, though at some point the hashtag #Reliance3GTabInMumbai was severely criticised of creating spam. Apart from the regular treasure hunt, there was a creative contest running on Twitter too, that helped build the momentum.

Here’s a Storify  collection of tweets reflecting the sentiments around the campaign: