TVS Motors Salutes The Behind-The-Scenes Faces Of Cricket In New Digital Film

The two-wheeler brand has rolled out a tribute film featuring a cricket bat maker, a cricket statistician, an accu-masseur and a cricket coach sharing snippets from their life experiences

Anne Sullivan is an inspiration in herself, but it is her significant contribution to Helen Keller’s life that the world remembers her by. Starting off as a teacher to little Helen, she soon became a life long companion, with more sacrifices than just being Helen’s window to the world.

The world remembers heroes, not the people who help build heroes. Now a brand is focusing its spotlight on these guys who’ve been consistently working in the background.

Two-wheeler brand TVS Motors has rolled out a 2.36 minute digital film saluting four behind-the-scenes faces of the cricketing world - Ram Bhandari, a cricket bat-maker; Mobin Shaikh, cricket coach (of Pranav Dhanawade); Ramesh Mane, acu-masseur who worked with the Indian Cricket Team between 2005 and 2015; and Prakash Dahatonde, a statistician who records the achievements of young Indian cricketers and supplies the information to Wisden, a well-known reference book on cricket.

Saluting the ‘stars behind the stars’, the film takes us through an array of experiences shared by each of these background heroes. Bhandari talks about how he realized a bat is heavier for Sachin than his earlier bat, because of his (Sachin’s) increased injuries. Bhandari then scraps off the excess weight to customize it perfectly for the God of Cricket who found instant success in his next match.

Mane shares about a fever incident with Ganguly just before an important match and how he had performed acupressure specifically for the fever. Shaikh talks about Pranav’s transformation as a little cricketer to his fighting serious hurdles in life. Dahatonde’s cricket stats enable one to follow track records of every player out there, which in itself is a significant contribution for improving player performance.

Each of these background heroes share one thing in common – they take pride in their work and delight in their contribution to a player’s success. The film ends with them standing beside the variants: TVS Star City+ and TVS Sport, while a voiceover talks on behalf of the brand.

Building the brand one story at a time

Almost all brands look to capitalise on the IPL every year with similar concepts weaved around cricket. Cricketing stars and their stories form the main inspiring thought for the brand message. In comparison, TVS Motors’ salute to the stars behind the stars is a refreshing take this IPL. Now all it needs is a digital push either by way of amplification by cricket influencers, paid or both.

The AFAQs reports that the backdrop of this film is the ongoing IPL and that subsequent films in this series will be based on other sports. So that’s an inspiring, long-term belief by TVS Motors in its brand building journey wherein the two-wheeler brand is seeking to promote each of its variants as a partner in a consumer’s journey of success and determination.

The concept and the execution is as good as the storytelling in this film. The one thing that sucks out a little of the magic in this film is the ‘forced product placement’ at the end. The legends who’ve almost given their lives to their profession are looking awkward standing beside the TVS bikes. It seemed as if TVS wanted to bask in their reflected glory. TVS Motors might want to change that in its subsequent films.