Tupperware India Features Hina Shah Director Of ICECD In The New “She Can, You Can”

Tupperware India has announced the new ‘She Can, You Can’ initiative featuring social entrepreneur Hina Shah Bhuptani, aligned with the brand philosophy of 'Enlighten, Educate and Empower' women


Tupperware India has announced the second phase of its ‘She Can, You Can’ initiative featuring Hina Shah Bhuptani, the Director of International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (ICECD).  The ‘Centre for Excellence’ recognised by the United Nations has created successful women entrepreneurs and is aligned with Tupperware’s vision to ‘Enlighten, Educate and Empower’ women across the globe. Conceptualised by IBD brands, the SCYC campaign aims to highlight women achievers who have overcome difficulties to realise their dreams, and are helping other women realise their’s. (News Source: Best media info)

The second edition of ‘She Can, You Can’ carries forward the brand vision of celebrating inspiring stories and building confidence in Indian women to start their own ventures - a cool move for a company that markets through direct sellers. And similar to the first edition, the initiative has roped in social media with a microsite at the core. Here’s the ad film:

Reaching out on social media

Tupperware India has an engaging Facebook community of 923K fans and a cover page featuring Hina Shah with the primary message of the campaign - ‘Why seek a job when you can provide one?” Prior to the film’s launch, a couple of teaser updates on the page did manage to arouse curiosity about Hina and her story. The updates thereafter have been encouraging fans to create and share their success stories with Tupperware, aligned with the tagline - if Hina can, you can.

Besides, a Facebook application which is similar to the microsite has been created as a one-stop destination for reading and sharing inspiring success stories. The ‘Home’ tab welcomes you with all the information about the initiative in the form of text, pictures and videos. ‘Stories’ as the name suggests goes into the details of the success stories. ‘Share your story’ is the place to submit your story.

‘Share your story’ opens up another app that will extract your name and email; you just need to enter your story title and story into the boxes provided. There is an option to upload your picture from the computer or choose one from your Facebook profile.

At the bottom is a little call for action in the form of ‘Fulfill your dreams with Tupperware’. A click on this takes you to the contact page of the Tupperware website, where you can fill a form to talk to the company.

However, the Tupperware India Twitter page - a new account than the one used in first edition - does not seem to be focussed solely on the SCYC drive, going by its header and background image. The tweets are a copy of the content shared on Facebook. As in Facebook, the tweets have also shared about the SCYC initiative.

Building a long term vision

Without a doubt, Tupperware India has found a winner in ‘She Can, You Can’ with a good call for action. Associating with women achievers and now women entrepreneurs, the SCYC campaign has evolved further in its brand philosophy of empowering women. Besides, the choice of social media especially Facebook along with the dedicated microsite only enhances the message further. Along with an inspiring real life story, the campaign does manage to motivate viewers to also be a part of the long term vision of the company.

‘Fulfill your dreams’, the call-to-action beside the campaign fulfils the objective of reaching out to more women who want to begin their own ventures. All in all, a clever campaign by the direct selling company that thrives on women in its workforce.

But, it could do with a little tweak - The Facebook app could have a mandatory ‘like’ that would help grow the community with relevant fans. For those of you who argue that brands should not force fans to ‘like’ a page, I believe it is fine if the brand is providing a good value for the like. Tupperware India, in its long term vision of being an enabler of independence, can also work towards a larger and focussed online community.

Impressive, community-oriented and long term is how I would sum up the ‘She Can, You Can’ initiative by Tupperware. Do share your thoughts too.