Tuborg Engages Fans For The Sunburn Goa 2013 With Never Dance Alone On Facebook

Review of Tuborg Facebook contest where fans need to upload photos/ videos of their best music experience & get votes from their friends. The highest voted wins a free trip to the Sunburn EDM festival in Goa


Tuborg, the beer brand from Denmark has been associated strongly with music ever since its global rejuvenation in 2012. Taking its music association further, the beer brand with a presence in more than 70 countries around the world, has launched a Facebook campaign for its fans in India, where three people can win an all-expenses paid trip to Sunburn, the electronic dance music festival in Goa this December. All one has to do is share their favorite music moment on a Facebook application and get their friends to vote for it.

Tuborg says ‘Never Dance Alone’

Hosted on a Facebook app ‘Never Dance Alone’, the contest can be entered even without liking the Tuborg Facebook page. The simple app is categorised under home, participate, videowall and winners.


You click on participate and give the app permissions to access your friends list and share on your wall. Next the app will ask you to enter two friends from Facebook with whom you would like to visit Sunburn. Then you can either upload pictures of the best music experience you have ever had or record it through the microphone. Also, add a description to the photo if you want.

Interestingly, except for the home page, all other pages talk about the ‘Tuborg Zero Music Marathon’ or the ‘Tuborg Sunfeast Music Marathon’ which is Tuborg’s own brand festival competition that sees unique music experiences by the best music stars. It seems this app has been adapted from a similar Facebook contest for the Tuborg Sunfeast Music Marathon!

Anyways, Videowall features entries by others, sorted by dates, votes or types. These can be shared on your Facebook wall.

How good is it?

Beer and music usually go hand in hand, hence associating with Sunburn, touted to be Asia’s biggest EDM festival is a good one for Tuborg. Awarding an all-expenses paid trip to the winner and two of her friends is a cool incentive for music lovers. Besides, Facebook as a platform is also the right choice for a contest of this nature. However there are quite a few things that could have been better in this Facebook campaign.

Though the Facebook app has been designed well, it could do with some corrections like changing the event to the Sunburn EDM festival instead of the Tuborg Sunfeast Music Marathon. Also, I coudn’t find the Terms & Conditions link for this contest anywhere on the app. It was found as a separate Facebook Note.

The concept of the campaign is also quite 2012. Fans sharing their best music experiences as images or videos and then asking for votes from their friends where the highest voted goes on to win, has been overdone by nearly every brand worth its fans on Facebook. Tuborg could have hosted something more exciting and challenging for its fans; voting brings bias too.

For music enthusiasts in the country who want to save on a couple of thousands, this could be a great way to attend the Sunburn Goa 2013.