Truecaller Urges India To #TakeTheRightCall In New Ad Starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui

In its maiden campaign for India #TakeTheRightCall, Truecaller has roped in actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui where he shares his story of having taken the right call that changed his life


Truecaller, the caller identification and call block app wants to make it large in India. The Sweden-based app has over 80 million users in India, making the country its largest market, followed by the Middle East and North Africa and then the US. The company is now on a massive marketing drive in India with its first ever mass meda campaign ‘Take the right call’.

And staying true to its brand philosophy, Truecaller has roped in India’s most-in-demand actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui to lend his face to the brand. Nawaz embodies the brand spirit in the ad film where he shares his own story – one on how he finally took that call after being pestered for many days. That one call won him a role in a movie and was the start of a successful career in the film industry.

The ad for ‘Take the right call’ has been conceptualized by Contract Advertising and produced by Curious Films. It starts with Nawaz passing by a sleeping security guard at an office reception area. The actor then looks at the camera and starts to talk about the times when he too was a watchman, and a sleepy one who hated to take calls from unknown numbers.

One fine day he finally gave in to the persistent caller, only to be pleasantly surprised to be offered a movie role. Nawaz urges the viewer to always ‘take the right call’ and then talks about Truecaller and how it will empower them to take the right call.


The idea has been extended on social media with the brand asking people to share stories from their lives where they took the right call, call being more like the right decision.

Taking the right call

As Ashish Chakravarty, national creative director at Contract India puts it, Nawazuddin is the voice of emerging India. “In his story in the ad, the product just slips in effortlessly”. The ad wins with its sincerity in approach and simplicity in message. It can easily convince the viewer to take the right call with Truecaller, especially when a watchman who took the right call can make it big in Bollywood. Great brand fit!

Moreover, the ad informs. Right after it tells you why it is important to take the right call, it also presents you with a solution for it – Truecaller. Hope it will reach out to the market it is intended to – the tier 1 and tier 2 cities that have been recording a huge rise in smartphone sales in the country.

With the brand position being set, it is important to also establish a similar voice on digital, while highlighting the product benefits. Engaging people around stories of having taken the right call in life, is a decent start to brand conversations on social media. Truecaller’s ‘Take the right call’ has indeed made an impressive marketing debut.