Trolly, A Social Commerce Facebook App

Trolly, A Social Commerce Facebook App

Facebook is the Mecca for apps these days. Every developer wants to make a killer app on Facebook and Trolly is one of them. Trolly is an app developed by Adepto Solutions, a company run by ex Google colleagues, Prem Pillai and Kiran K. In simple words, Trolly is a social commerce app on Facebook that is being liked by Indian ecommerce players and holds a great future.

The app on Facebook is an interesting one which asks users to guess price and other related things associated to a product that is displayed. For e.g. in the below screenshot you can see I need to guess the price of the track pants.



If I can guess the price then I get points that I could redeem on purchase of certain things. ‘Buy Now’ is an option that will take me to the main site if I wish to purchase the event. With all this I can share and invite my Facebook friends to this app for having fun in guess work and earn points.  This small video created by the Trolly guys sums it up really well and worth a watch.

[youtube aZcGCRAC9cA 400 300]


We also thought to do an email interview with one of the founders Kiran K to know more about Trolly and what does the future hold for them. Please find the email interview shared below:


Kiran K

1. Hi Kiran, I have taken a fancy to your social commerce app, Trolly. Can you tell us something about yourself and Adepto.

Thanks for liking Trolly. Prem Pillai and I started Adepto Solutions in Feb 2010. Before that, both of us were at Google. I was leading sales for Google Adwords in the Media & Entertainment Vertical and Prem, as an engineer on the Google Checkout team, was mentoring its API Developer community.

At Adepto, as CEO, my mandate is to drive design, develop, and market Adepto’s social media applications. Prem, as CTO, heads the Technology function. We started by making bespoke ‘Social’ applications for brands (like LG and Airtel) but soon started focusing on developing products. Our first product ‘Trolly’ is for the eCommerce vertical. At this moment, we have been successful in introducing Trolly, which is an innovative branding and sales solution, to most of India’s online retailers. However, Trolly is a global product and not targeted just to India.

2. Trolly is driven by Facebook. Is it because Facebook is the biggest social network in India?

While we are platform agnostic, nobody can argue that Facebook is not the biggest social network. Google+ has about 20m users worldwide and Facebook has nearly 25m users in India alone. The jury is not yet out on Google+ but I feel Facebook will dominate the social media scene for some time to come.

3. As an SME why should I buy a premium version?

  • If online merchants are thinking about new ways to use Facebook as a channel to increase their branding and sales, Trolly delivers that delta.
  • For every product shared from the online merchants Order Confirmation page, Trolly generates up to 10X more product views on Facebook.
  • There is 70% engagement for questions around the products, so you know people are not just seeing your products but engaging with them.
  • There is 50% coupon redemption, which means that Users do care about points and about converting them into rewards.

In addition to the above, the premium plan offers Fan Page integration as well, which will bring more footfalls to the online merchant’s fan page, engage their existing fans, and potentially convert those fans too into customers. Our clients find this feature very important.

4. You have a 30 day trial period that is cool. How has been the response so far in terms of conversion from a free to premium version?

The request for the fan page integration has actually come from our clients. Clients are happy to pay because Trolly adds power to their social media initiatives.

5. Lastly, social commerce is the next thing that’s gearing up in India. How do you see this trend at a personal level?

It all depends on how one defines Social Commerce. Some have a view that Social Commerce is about having a store on Facebook. I feel that it is a narrow definition. It is not like people who want buy will not do so because the brand doesn’t have a Facebook store. Social networks are a great medium to reach out to people like your customers, through your customers. It is all about identifying, engaging, and converting new people, but doing so subtly. This is Social Commerce to me and I am mighty bullish about it, and that is why we built an application for it.

I feel that we have not even scratched the surface of this potential. We are soon launching ‘Trolly for Brands’, with which offline brands that have fan pages on Facebook can also leverage the power of the Social network.


Kiran, I find this app quite exciting and I am sure it is going to attract Indian ecommerce business with time. Simple integration, less hassles, awesome 30 day trial period and integration with India’s biggest social network are some of the driving factors for this app.

How do you see the evolution of Indian apps on Facebook and Social Commerce in India?