Trivedi Groupe Move It’s Campaign To Social Media

Trivedi Groupe Move It's Campaign to Social Media

Image Courtesy- Trivedi Groupe FB Page

Plastic is like cancer but we Indians are still using it. From polythene bags to plastic water tanks that sit over our roofs sucking our hygiene over the years. Did anyone tell you that? But now Mumbai based Trivedi Groupe is saying it. The Trivedi Goupe is manufacturing steel tanks and driving an awareness campaign on the harmfulness of plastic water storages. Trivedi Groupe has manufactured 5000 steel tanks and carrying on its continuous efforts of making people aware; it has recently extended its efforts over to Facebook. The Director,  Mr. Vinit Mehta expressed the same thoughts:

“Over 13 Million people from India are now using Facebook. Social Media is now a place where one will be able to meet larger crowds. A Facebook page on Trivedi Group’s stainless steel tank will be able to reach at a larger crowd with a message that steel water storage tanks is right alternative for plastic.”

The Facebook page has an informative welcome page. The page informs about its purpose and the reasons why customers should say yes to ‘Stainless Steel Water Tanks’ such as corrosion resistant, long term life, hygienic etc. The page is showing efforts to reach to people and has 46 fans already liking the movement. More engagement and being active with its community will surely help the initiative.

In the coming days, the group also plans to create more engagement online and  reach out to people on LinkedIn as shared by Mr. Mehta:

“The online response of the people has been extremely good and we are getting new members on a daily basis. We are also planning to conduct an online photography exhibition and competition in future on Facebook. If all of us collectively say NO, I am sure it will make a huge difference. Users can get rid of Plastic tanks.”

Undoubtedly, the awareness program packaged along with its business motive is quite a lethal combination. But as they are new on the social media arena, it would be advisable to stick to one network for a period of time. As the presence on Facebook is gaining support, it should look to strengthen it. Definitely LinkedIn is a professional network that one looks to tap in for some business, but taking a step-by-step approach would be wiser or you may run the risk of lack of engagement. Nevertheless, this is an initiative to be supported and let’s say NO to PLASTIC.

Source: Your Story