Why This Digital Agency Thinks Local Insights & Channels Are Important For Expansion In South East Asia

Tripti Lochan, CEO at VML Qais talks about her favourite digital media campaigns of 2014 and shares details on the command center deployed by the agency that helps brands visualize data and gain insights

Tripti Lochan

“For any Indian agency that has aspirations to grow beyond India, it will be all about local insights plus a very good understanding of local channels at work,” added  Tripti Lochan, CEO at VML Qais in a recent conversation with Lighthouse Insights. Tripti was sharing her thoughts on the Indian and South East Asian market and what she thinks about Indian agencies setting up shop in various south east markets such as Singapore, China, among others.

Talking earlier with us in this extended part of the video conversation, Tripti shared about growing up at three different places, her first job as a programmer, the shift towards marketing and finally what led to the foundation of Qais Consulting.

In the second part, she talked about the journey of being acquired  by WPP’s digital arm, VML and her thoughts on the recent social and digital media acquisitions in India by international mainline agencies. Stating that most acquisitions start showing true colors after the honeymoon period, she said that Qais has been quite lucky with VML. “We had a phenomenal journey so far. The result is that we are expanding in India, we have expanded in Indonesia. We are also looking at Vietnam, Malaysia and Philippines at the moment. So it has been a huge growth story from the time we got acquired.”

In this conversation, she talks about her favourite digital media campaigns of 2014 and shares details on the command center deployed  by the agency that helps brands visualize data and gain insights.