Tripti Lochan On Starting As A Programmer To Building Qais Consulting [Video]

Tripti Lochan CEO at VML Qais talks about her childhood days, her first job as a programmer, the shift towards marketing and founding Qais consulting.


“One good thing we have been told always is that as an agency we are very strategic. In fact we didn’t win a pitch because the client thought that we were very strategic,” shared Tripti Lochan, CEO at VML Qais in a recent conversation with Lighthouse Insights.

Tripti, who was in India last month, spoke on the challenges she and her colleague Keith Timimi used to face while they were working for XM Asia Pacific. “That time we saw a lot of good work in the region but we were very frustrated with the lack of accountability that agencies felt about clients. So it was all about being in a place where you played safe, you didn’t take any risk and you found a reason why you were right and the client was not so right.”

These limitations turned into opportunities and Qais Consulting was founded in 2005. After being in business for around six years the agency got acquired by VML, a digital arm of WPP in the end of 2011.

The shift towards marketing was never a choice for her but it was something that just happened. Educated as an engineer, she started her career by working at a software company programming for B2B products.

In this first part of the video conversation with Tripti, she talks about growing at three different places, her first job as a programmer, the shift towards marketing and finally what led to the foundation of Qais Consulting.