Trendspotters, Online Entertainment Platform That Wishes To Showcase Trends Across All Genres

Review of Trendspotters, online entertainment platform that wishes to showcase trends across all genres

Today most of the content websites talk about the ongoing things and hardly focus on the trends in the market. These trends can happen anywhere but we rarely see them being assembled on one platform. There are portals that speak about certain trends such as on fashion, tech, etc. but wishes to be a platform that will spot trends across all genres and bring it to its followers.

Launched in the month of August, the platform wishes to organize the sector and also bring forward exclusive content. Apart from the web platform, Trendspotters, which has been incubated by Smartube Entertainment, has recently launched an Android mobile app too.

Trendspotters web portal

The web portal or one may call it a platform of visual content right now is curating and uploading original content under categories like Fashion&Lifestyle, Music, Entertainment, Events and Youthbuzz. If one selects any of the first three categories they are further sub divided into Trendsetters, Discoveries, Trend Spotting, except the first one that has one more added sub category Seasonal Buzz.


As I adore music I clicked on the related category to find out more about the sub categories. Trendspotters selects one personality that is making a new trend in the music industry for his way of doing things and features under ‘Trendsetters’. For example right now it is one of my favourite singers Arijit Singh and the portal has done a nice video interview with the young singer. ‘Discoveries’, as the name goes, is an exclusive feature of musicians that you would hardly find anywhere else. Right now it is about The Vinyl Records, one of the very few all girl band in the country who speak about their journey and passion about music. Similarly, ‘Trend Spotting’ is finding the latest trend in the music industry like one of them is the ‘Breaking Up of Independent Bands’ and there is a video on the same.

Trendspotters mobile app

The platform that is in its beta version, has already launched its mobile app. The mobile app right now is at a very nascent stage and will need a lot of tuning to bring the same features like the web portal. The app right now has features like ‘What’s New and Trends’. There are some more features that could be aligned well to make it a neat app. I believe going further the app makers would get it right with a neat mobile app.

The initiative is an interesting one considering the quality of the content and at the same time the platform’s idea of sharing original content. Right now all the videos that are being shared on the web portal are being uploaded initially on YouTube before being synched.  The videos are crisp and get you looking for more such awesome content. With time I am sure the base is going to grow for different trends and that will attract more audience from a wider spectrum.

However, the mobile app needs to have a better user experience and design considering the world is rushing into the mobile space. Nevertheless, do give Trendspotters a spin and let us know what trends you liked and any feedback for the portal to make it better.