TrendifyThis: A Tool To Reach Out (Or Spam) Your Facebook Friends

TrendifyThis ensures you reach out to your potential audience on Facebook, as Edgerank algorithm does not allow all friends to see your updates

When I first heard of this tool on an article on NextBigWhat, all I could think of was ‘Spam Your Friends’. However, TrendifyThis offers some time savings on user’s part which can be utilized for reaching out to your friends and generate eyeballs.

TrendifyThis can be an enabler for small businesses and their owners to spread their message across on Facebook and make sure their venture/message reaches out to maximum of their friends on Facebook. According to Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm, not all your friends see your updates and it depends on your/their affinity and interactions with each other. TrendifyThis is trying to solve this problem to ensure that you do reach out to your potential audience on Facebook through their tool.

TrendifyThis has a white clean website with a ‘Login with Facebook’ call to action which enables the tool to access your profile and post on your behalf. Next, the tool asks you download the Chrome extension it has built (I hope Firefox will follow soon though) which does all their ‘magic’. A self-explanatory video by Karam Lakshman welcomes you once you sign in with Facebook which will make your life easier in order to understand the Tool.

Steps to Get Started with TrendifyThis

Step 1: Add A Campaign’ to add/promote any article, Image, video among your friends.

Step 2: You can start with a Title for your campaign which you can identify with later.

Step 3: You can setup your personal message and wall post attaching a link to the message and to preview it before mass messaging to your friends, you can click on the ‘Show Preview’ option. Click on ‘Continue’ once you are satisfied with the set-up.

Step 4: The Super Slider determines which of your friends will be sent a private message and which of them would receive a post on their wall. The tool still being in beta stage, can improve here with providing a search box for choosing the friends you would like to share the updates with, rather than scrolling up and down and choosing friends of your liking. And if I remove all my friends from both the lists (messages and wall posts) there is no way back for me to re-add them on the page. I would have to repeat the submission cycle all over again.

You can click on ‘Continue’ once you have selected all your friends you want to share your update with. The tool will post the updates in specific intervals for Facebook to de-recognize them as spammer and block the tool instead. TrendifyThis also gives you an estimated time to be taken for the task in hand to be executed (more the friends you would want to post to, more the time consumed by the tool).

The tool also provides some handy analytics section for the data geeks to look at starting from the estimated reach your post might have achieved to the number of link clicks it has generated. The tool claims to intelligently post on friends walls to ensure maximum reach.

However, even if I de-select all of my friends to make sure both of my lists are empty, I can still click on ‘Continue’ and the tool will proceed. Something, the developers will have to look at to ensure the user has selected at-least 1 friend to send out the message to and the ‘Continue’ button can be inactive till then. These small things make TrendifyThis look amateur in nature.

Step 5: TrendifyThis in it’s final steps will show you the progress bit by bit in a progress bar format which you can start/stop according to your convenience.

How good is TrendifyThis?

From the makers of Sibling which catered to a specific niche, I did expect a more complete tool. TrendifyThis does provide some help in terms of automating and spreading out that message for someone who doesn’t have those big bucks to spend on promoted posts and sponsored stories on Facebook.

However, the Tool as of yet does leave more to be wanted and can be bettered upon. Depending on the traction, the makers can think of extending this to other social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn as well (your entire network is not singularly on Facebook anyways).

But then, there is a thin line between promotion and spamming. Something, the over abuse of this tool might lead to. Do let us know what do you think about TrendifyThis. Does this tool help you in reaching out to your audience?