Treetle Is An Interest Based Local Social Network [Review]

Review of Treetle, an interest based local social network and how it can grow.


A review of Treetle, an interest based local social network and how it can grow.

Users on social media these days are facing an information overload. The common problem is that there is too much to consume and the other problem is that they are about generic interests. As I have said earlier, the future of social networks lies upon interests. Also, you won’t socialize with people around the globe always but you would look for like-minded people in your periphery. If you are wishing for something like this, then Treetle is the answer.

Founded by Pankaj Dugar, Treetle is an interest-based network. Don’t start giving me annoying looks it is not trying to be another Facebook or Twitter. It simply connects to people based on their interest depending on the location and gets you offline to enjoy it. So if you have shifted to a new location for work then Treetle will allow you to connect with like minded people and make sure you have fun with them offline. However, the network covers only to 3,400 cities, as reported by and pretty much active in Bangalore.

How does Treetle work?

Treetle allows you to log in via Facebook and makes the sign in process simple. Once you log into the site, you will have to make a couple of choices. These can be divided in the following sections:

1. Clubs: Treetle lists a couple of clubs depending on your interests. Either you can select from the recommended list or search for more. So you can search for clubs based on various categories and depending on the location. Either you join an existing club or you can create one of your own. These clubs allow you to discuss, upload pictures and organize events for the club.

Creating New Group

At present, clubs are of two types in Treetle: 1) Interest based and 2) NGO. So one can start clubs stating their purpose on Treetle.

2. Events: Events are a part of a club. So either you join an existing event of a club that interests you or you can create one associated to a club. The event has the common set of details such as details, attendees, inviting friends, etc.

Creating New Event

Event is one of the activities that Treetle is about, so the startup is offering credits for doing genuine events. Simply create events, ask 4 people to join from the group and you may stand a chance to win credits worth 250. The amount can then be used at Flipkart, Yebhi,, etc.

Treetle also provides credits for appreciating someone’s work, so go ahead and show some genuine praise. Click here for more details on appreciation and credits.

3. Sponsor: As the name suggests, you can show your support to NGO clubs by sponsoring the event. As a sponsor, you need to fill a form and people from Treetle would help you. This activity will give you more visibility within a specific community of users. I am getting a feel that Pankaj might be focusing towards generating revenues from this feature later.

4. Profile: You can connect to people and message them via Treetle. However, before you could do activities such as adding friends, creating groups, etc. Treetle wants all its members to register their mobile numbers. The purpose is to stop bogus users and increase the interaction between members. Treetle also allows you to take control of your settings, so you can go anytime and change your profile and security settings.


Can it be better?

Treetle seems to be a no-nonsense network. The design is good, no glitches and focuses on doing what it has defined – “Connect. Do.” Features like registering numbers and giving incentives to do something is interesting and will work for the network.

However, at present Treetle is interests + local but Treetle should become interests + local + mobile. It would have been great if Treetle was introduced on mobile devices only or mobile + web. Seeing the trend where the world is shifting to smaller screens, having a mobile experience makes sense.

Along with this, the incentive factor is cool but Treetle would be challenged in terms of numbers at least in India. So if the network works on referral model then it might get some more people on board. For example, if I get 5 genuine people to Treetle, I get 250 credits to my account. These small things could get Treetle really popular in the coming days.

Treetle can go places and is already in the list of  top Tech 30 by YourStory. So would you be interested in giving Treetle a try?