Travel Social Network WAYN Partners With India Today Group

About the news that travel social network WAYN partners with India Today Group


WAYN (Where Are You Now) and India Today Group has recently signed a multimillion dollar strategic partnership. WAYN, a social network travel platform founded in 2002 in London by Jérome Touze (Co-CEO), Peter Ward (Co-CEO) and Mike Lines (CTO) signed the deal with ITG, to co-brand the portal with Travel Plus. The partnership will give ITG a direct access to WAYN’s online community that boasts of 4 million Indian users and has been growing every day.

WAYN grew to 50K just with word of mouth when it was launched and the site claims over 19.1 million members as of 26th March, 2012. WAYN is also one of the social networking communities that have been profitable even after it was turned into a premium site.


What does the partnership mean?

This partnership brings a marriage between a social travelling platform and a content platform that has a tremendous reach on platforms like TV, Radio, Print, etc. As we know WAYN claims to have more than 19 million users and on the other hand, ITG operates 38 magazines and 4 television channels, 7 radio stations along with a variety of websites and digital apps. So, in other words this would be a 360 degree reach for the new portal to showcase premium stories, pictures and videos of Travel Plus to the users of WAYN which they could either consume or share with their communities on the network. The new portal will provide all kinds of content; along with required information it will show the required deals and offers that would help users.

At present, the network has listed India under “Destinations” in the portal but is yet to be seen how the users welcome this move. Without the revelations of the total active number of users, it would be interesting to find how many people are interested in the content that would be supplied by ITG. In addition to this, I have a strong feeling that the content delivered would be more on advertising deals and offers for now.

Nevertheless, this is a win-win situation for both the platforms where both have realized the potential and have come together to provide some amazing content to the users. This is not the first time that WAYN has tied up deals with tourism centers as it has done with Airbnb, London, South African Tourism, etc. I think going further these contents would also be of interest to expats that wish to know India. Networks like Tripalong,, etc. do the same job for MakeMyTrip, TripAdvior, respectively.

But it remains to be seen how fruitful would this undisclosed deal be in the coming days.