Travel Social Network JoGuru Launches Smart Hotel Booking To Its Itinerary Planning

JoGuru,the startup that is into the planning itineraries business for travellers has recently integrated a Smart Hotel booking feature into the planner


Pune based social travel network JoGuru – a blessing for folks like me as it takes care of all my travel worries – has new offering to its users. The startup that is into the planning itineraries business for travellers, has recently integrated a Smart Hotel booking feature into the planner, to help the traveler find the cheapest and best hotels near the place they are visiting.

Reported by YS, the feature has been launched with the intention of saving time and making the itinerary more complete as shared by Praveen Kumar, co-founder, JoGuru.


Praveen also shared that the itinerary planner feature that helps customers to figure out the best way to spend the day at a location, which attractions to visit, which hotels to choose and which route to follow is also seeing a good response. Praveen claims this new feature is doing extremely well, clocking almost 2000 itineraries created by users every month, with around 70,000 unique visitors per month.

The feature was developed based on a research that the site undertook from December 2012 to October this year to understand how the platform could be more user friendly and helpful to users.

The latest developments have been a systematic rollout by the startup as promised while talking to us about JoGuru. Praveen had shared earlier in the month of September that they are majorly working to improve the itinerary planner. “In next three months, we aim to add a database of hotels to our itineraries and add 500 plus cities to their list of itineraries. We want to make our algorithm even stronger and intelligent to meet travelers’ expectations. We recently have changed the way we look. JoGuru has been revamped. We hope people will like the new look which is more engaging,” Praveen had stated.

These features will definitely spike up the traffic for the year old startup which witnesses traffic from India, South East Asia, USA and Latin America – where India makes up for bulk users at 50% and US sends 20% of its visitors.