Who do young marketers want to work with?

In a panel discussion at Vdonxt Asia young marketers discuss on how and when they decide to work with a traditional agency vs a new age content producer

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Do young marketers prefer a traditional ad agency or the new age production houses? Do they work with the Ogilvys’ and Lowe Lintas’ of the world or do they prefer a comedy and sketch group like AIB, that creates branded content too. What are the parameters that influence such a decision?

For a while now, food delivery app Swiggy had collaborated with AIB to create content and reach out to its Internet savvy audience. Last year during the month of November, Swiggy collaborated with AIB for a fun Bollywood mashup. The brand wanted to highlight its position “Lightning Fast Delivery” hence AIB came up with “Lightning Fast Movies”.

According to the company release, the fun video showcases some iconic scenes from Bollywood classics like Rock On, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Raaz, etc and whips them into a five-minute cocktail of clever banter and satiric humor.

Digital is growing but TV still is the big daddy of Indian advertising. Recently Swiggy launched its maiden TV campaign along with ad agency Lowe Lintas Bengaluru. The first integrated ad campaign showcases how the brand is changing the way India eats.

Talking more about the campaign, Srivats TS, vice-president, marketing at Swiggy said: “As India’s largest food ordering and delivery platform, Swiggy has become an integral part of consumers’ lives. Our latest campaign and first set of TVCs showcase how Indians turn to Swiggy every time an occasion calls for delicious food and have a great food ordering experience.”

“So how does a young company decide when to go for a traditional agency or a content producer,” asked Ashwini Gangal (Executive Editor, AFAQS) to a panel of speakers which represented young companies like Flipkart, Vodafone and Swiggy.

At the second edition of Vdonxt, representing Swiggy, Srivats responded, “Earlier when we were working with AIB, the objective was to engage the Internet audience. Today we are doing TV campaign with the objective of growing the category and increase the penetration.”

Swiggy is now looking for a wider reach to attract more users to their platform. TV gives that reach and allows tapping audiences from smaller cities and towns across India.

Flipkart also follows a similar modus operandi. In the past it has engaged with digital content producers, along with ad agencies . The latest 10-week TV campaign which tells consumers how to be trendy always connects with customers on all touch-points like television, YouTube and social media. The ad series created by Lowe Lintas reiterates Flipkart as the preferred destination for any kind of shopper, from celebrity fashion lovers to brand enthusiasts.

Taking the discussion further at Vdonxt, Kartikeya Bhandari (Senior Director, Marketing, Flipkart) emphasized that media platforms play a big role while deciding whether to go for an ad agency or content producer.

However, in Vodafone’s case its mainline agency has been creating the brand’s popular digital videos. Siddharth Banerjee (EVP Marketing, Vodafone) informed the audience that for his brand they try to understand if the agency gets the brand persona. “In the past we have been open to work with the new and talented minds but for us it is also necessary if our working partner understands our brand and its persona.”

The next obvious question was: Why are the new age content producers getting work and preference when it comes to digital? If traditional agencies are good at creating videos for both TV and digital, then why there be an AIB or others. On this the panel agreed that traditional ad agencies lack the skillset and the mindset when it comes to digital.

“Traditional agencies fail on digital when it comes to agility and talent. The ad agencies need to hire more digital natives who understand the medium and are flexible enough to create content for multiple screens. This is why the likes of AIB have cropped up who today have the skillset to engage the millennial audience with its content,” remarked Siddharth. Its ad agency is also located in the same building! (the panel needed a traditional agency guy.)

Digital needs to be treated differently, as the audience is different. It has a personalized audience and so the content has to be different. As long as video is in demand, a traditional agency will survive along with an AIB.