‘Responsible’ – Most Overused LinkedIn Profile Buzzword Of 2013

According to LinkedIn study on the most overused buzzwords for 2013, “Responsible” is the most overused word in the LinkedIn profiles followed by 'strategic'


Do you think that using the word “Responsible” in your LinkedIn profile will make you stand out? Think again, you are not the only one. According to LinkedIn “Responsible” is the most overused word followed by the other buzzword “Strategic”. The word responsible has been used more than twice, says LinkedIn’s study that is being carried out for the fourth year in a row.

The latest revelations come close on heels after Facebook’s 2013 Year in Review which highlighted the most mentioned person and checked in places on Facebook. According to LinkedIn the top 10 buzzwords of 2013 that appear in user profiles are as follows:

Top_10_LinkedIn_buzzwordsThe interesting bit is that the buzzword ‘Creative’ which was at the top of list for 2011 and 2012 now stands at the third position. In addition, of the top buzzwords from 2012 only four make the list in 2013: ‘creative’, ‘responsible’, ‘effective’, ‘analytical’. Some words from last year that didn’t make the cut this year are: ‘experimental’, ‘motivated’, ‘multinational’, ‘specialized’.

The study also shared how the buzzwords trended across different countries. In India the three buzzwords that trended most are – Responsible, Effective and Strategic. (No surprise that creative stands no place!) The below screen grab gives a quick look of the trending of buzzwords around the world. LinkedIn_buzzwords_2013

So what is the most common buzzword in your LinkedIn profile? However, LinkedIn wants users to tie words to actual results rather than you saying, it is asking others to vouch for your talents. In other words don’t just say you are responsible, show how you have delivered results with responsibilities.

Remember actions speak rather than just words!