TOI’s ‘I Lead India’ Promotes #RTIDay, Hosts A Google Plus Hangout With RTI Activists

RTI Day, instituted by TOI, as part of its 'I Lead India' campaign seeks to impart awareness on RTI and makes effective use of social media to spread the word


Worried about bad roads or no electricity and high electricity bills and don’t know what to do. Heard about the ‘RTI’ or ‘Right to Information’ act but don’t know how to exercise it? In comes the Times Of India’s RTI awareness campaign in the form of RTI Day, part of its ongoing ‘I Lead India’ initiative aimed at mobilizing young people in the 18-24 age group and making them agents of change.

Instituted on October 25, 2013, the RTI Day has been set as the day to exercise your right to information, in partnership with National Campaign for Peoples’ Right to Information (NCPRI). The nation-wide campaign from October 12th to 25th has been marked by a series of one-day training workshops in different cities across the country.


With the RTI workshops in different cities, the campaign is training people to ask questions to the different government agencies through the RTI, referring to it as a powerful tool that lets each one of us influence the way we are governed. The Times of India Group has been widely promoting RTI Day on a number of mediums, including social media.

RTI Day on social

A microsite for ‘RTI Day’ gives more information that has been shared on the social networks of ‘I Lead India’ too. A FAQ helps you to go about filing an RTI, rights entitled under the act and more. It also features some of the success stories of RTI. Videos capturing the RTI workshops have been uploaded onto TOI’s YouTube channel.

Today some of India’s leading RTI activists like Venkatesh Nayak and Amrita Johri are coming together to discuss on whether political parties should be under the Right to Information Act. People have been encouraged to clarify their RTI queries on a Google plus hangout with them at 4:00 pm. The Facebook page of ‘I Lead India’ has been serving as a bulletin board for all the activities of the campaign. Right from sharing details of the workshops to the pictures and the event details.

Alternately, all conversations and activities can be tracked by the promoted trend ‘#RTIDay’ on Twitter.

“The answer to correcting the system lies in the system”. I believe in the bold, digital poster shared by TOI, a newspaper which I otherwise do not endorse, but great initiatives on social media to spread information and create conversations on the RTI.