A Fatal Typo That Killed Sachin Tendulkar

Times of India publishes RIP messages for Philip Hughes from the cricketing greats of the world, but kills Sachin Tendulkar with a fatal 'typo', See how


The Times of India somehow manages to rake in controversy on social media. At times it is to do with the publication’s reportage on a leading Bollywood actress’s cleavage, or a silly typo. This time the typo is a fatal one as it has killed the god of cricket Sachin Tendulkar.

Ever since the world has been condoling the tragic demise of Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes and have been ‘putting out their bats’ as a tribute to the young cricketer’s soul, publications are sharing condolences from the cricketing community. This morning, the subscribers of the largest selling daily newspaper, Times Of India, were amused to see a condolence message by Sachin Tendulkar to Phil’s family where the message also includes a ‘Rest in Peace for Sachin Tendulkar’!

“Shocked to hear about Phil. Sad day for cricket. Deepest condolences to family, friends and well wishers. RIP Sachin Tendulkar.” – Sachin Tendulkar.

Here is what India’s favourite cricketer had shared yesterday on his condolence tweet to Philip Hughes:

Twitter has been showing mixed reactions, while the TOI Twitter handle hasn’t made any formal apology. A few Twitterati have reported the latest TOI editions have been corrected for the typo.

If it is a deliberate typo, then its a really sad trick to get people talking about you. We just hope it isn’t!