Titan Salutes The Startup Spirit In New Ad Film #YourTimeToStartup

Titan's new Celestial Time collection for men inspires entrepreneurship in the country with its timely ad film hashtagged #YourTimeToStartup

Titan could very well get into a list of companies with the most endearing and timely ad films ever. The brand is always in touch with the pulse of society and manages to bring that forth in its ad campaigns.

For its latest collection of moon phase watches for men, the brand has roped in the versatile Bollywood actor, Raj Kumar Rao who plays a successful startup guy in the ad film. India is presently caught in startup fever with stories of new startups being told every single day.

Conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather, Bengaluru, the 70-second film is set at a restaurant where Raj Kumar has set a meeting with his ex-boss. The boss asks Raj Kumar why he wanted to meet him, and he says the meeting is to express his gratitude, for having encouraged him to quit his earlier job.

The ex-boss expresses his happiness at his success and enquires whether he was able to find the CEO he was looking for his startup. Raj Kumar says yes but also tells him that he’s not sure how to make the offer. The ex-boss suggests it’s simple and tells him to go tell the person, ‘he’s the right person for the job’.

Raj Kumar takes a pause and looks at his Celestial Time moon phase watch. He then looks up at his ex-boss and makes him the CEO offer just like he was suggested to. The pleasantly surprised ex-boss gets it and they shake hands. The voice over ends with, “Titan Celestial Time. Your time has come.”


The Titan Celestial Time Collection is being positioned as a watch made for those who are destined to break the mould and chart new paths. Exactly the stuff what entrepreneurs are made up of. In that sense, the ad film fulfills the objective while weaving in a beautiful story around the spirit of entrepreneurship, mentoring and gratitude.

Moreover, it couldn’t be out at a more appropriate time in the country, when India is hearing a new startup success story from all corners of the country. And a brand celebrating that and dedicating a collection to that, is bound to receive appreciation and boost entrepreneurship in the country.

A glance at the hashtag #YourTimeToStartup on Twittter pulls up a stream of tweets calling the ad, ‘motivating,’ ‘brilliant’, ‘well-timed’, and more.

For a product that is priced in the INR 12995 to INR 14995 range, the Titan Celestial Time Collection has truly made its mark in advertising the premium watch collection to its target group. The campaign hashtag #YourTimeToStartup has the potential for an engaging social media campaign too.

Will Titan leverage with #YourTimeToStartup by involving the real entrepreneurs or simply move on to another TVC?