You Will Absolutely Love Nimrat Kaur In This New Ad Film For Titan Raga

Titan Raga's new ad film conceptualized by O&M; Bangalore celebrates the Raga woman of today featuring actress Nimrat Kaur who exemplifies #HerLifeHerChoices


When Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi chose Times Now for his first media interview earlier this year, he was well prepared for all kinds of questions with a single point answer – women empowerment. He might not have made it with flying colours, but he did hold a mirror to how recent events related to women have shaped our thought processes.

“Women empowerment” is what has been the most talked about topic the world over. And brands have been quick to plug in ‘women empowerment’ into their communication. The recent ad film for Raga watches by Titan features actress Nimrat Kaur as a confident woman who isn’t guilty about the career choices she has made.

Conceptualised by Ogilvy and Mather Bangalore, the film titled ‘The Raga woman of today #HerLifeHerChoices’ is set at an airport lounge where Nimrat is reading a book when a male voice asks if the seat beside her is taken. She looks up to be pleasantly surprised to see a familiar person she once dated. They share a warm hug while she asks how has he been. The man responds with a retort – the same as when you had left me.

After a while he notices that she isn’t married yet and asks her for the reason. Nimrat says she never found the time. He quickly makes a comment on how they (she and him) could have made it, had she chosen to quit her job. She asks him why he didn’t quit his job, to which he responds, “How can a man not work, yaar?”

Nimrat is now amused and looks at her Raga watch while there is an expectant pause in the film. She looks up confidently to tell him that he is still the same man she had left all those years ago.

She offers him coffee while the man is seen shifting uncomfortably in his seat.

Nimrat’s voiceover says, “Khud se naya rishta…Titan Raga”.

For a brand whose primary consumer segment is women, the “women empowerment’ theme fits in like a dream. The ad film has been made to appeal to its right target segment - the progressive, confident and passionate woman who makes her own choices and does not live to regret them at all. A cursory glance at the hashtag #HerLifeHerChoices on Twitter highlights a positive response from the masses. With descriptions like, “Subtle yet so powerful”, “Contemporary and cool” to amazing, superb ad, the film seems to have hit the right chords on social media.

The core message pays a tribute to all women of the present generation while emphasizing the brand voice of Titan Raga. I’m impressed with the product placement in the film - you see the watch in the most defining moment in the film!