Titan Raga Wants Us To #BreakTheBias This Women’s Day

#BreakTheBias ad has managed to crown Titan Raga as a conversation starter in the sensitive space of gender bias at work, while winning social media accolades all the way

March brings with it International Women’s Day and women become the focus of every conversation, every policy making and every voice fighting for a just world all over the globe. Brands, especially the ones targeting women, find the occasion just ripe to start a movement and bond deeper with its potential consumer.

But, marketing messages often get lost in the noise at a time when many brands are banking on Women’s Day. Here’s one that cannot get lost or be given a pass as just another women’s day campaign. It deals with a hardwired stereotype involving working women in our society: “If she’s been recommended for a promotion, she must be really hot or savvy at pleasing her boss.”

The 90-second ad film begins at an office setup where three men and a woman are reviewing the list of names that have been proposed for promotions. In one such list comes up the name of Kiran, a name recommended by Rajat, a senior. The team isn’t aware of Kiran, so they ask about Kiran’s performance to which one of the man responds with enthusiasm, describing Kiran as the star of Rajat’s team and how Rajat never fails to include Kiran in any of his projects.

Describing further he says Kiran is a young fresher but a very promising one at that, so much so that Rajat and Kiran are always seen together, even on weekends. Meanwhile, the performance reviewers have already visualized Kiran as this young, hot woman who has mesmerized her male boss Rajat, Rolling their eyes and smiling away to glory, they request to see Kiran.

In enters a young man who’s introduced as Kiran to the embarrassment of all who were smiling in amusement earlier. The super says, “Change the way you look at a woman’s success. She is unstoppable now.”

The film is by watch maker Titan Raga and its hashtagged as #BreakTheBias. The brand wants us to ‘Move the conversation ahead for women’ this Women’s Day.

Genius. Spot-on. Timely

Titan Raga never fails to amaze us with its range and variation in women-centric ads. Last year it rolled out an ad film featuring Katrina Kaif where the accomplished actress is seen answering the most pertinent question in the life of an Indian woman – When is the right time to get married? Part of its flagship campaign ‘Her Life Her Choices’ celebrating women who live life by their own choices, the ad film rubbishes different societal pressures on a woman to get married – aunty harassment, ex-boyfriend getting married, all friends getting married, too late to be a mother, little sister in tow, to instead have Katrina tell all women viewers - “when you find someone who deserves your time”.

In the December of 2014, the brand managed to create a stir with its ‘Her Life Her Choices’ campaign film featuring actress Nimrat Kaur as this confident woman who isn’t guilty about the career choices she has made. This was also the time when the brand had begun to live its philosophy ‘Khud se naya rishta’.

This year’s #BreakTheBias is spot on. With it being appraisal season in the corporate world, office gossip around the water cooler will most likely be around promotions and KPI scores. As the saying goes, the watchmaker found the right time to make a poignant statement around Women’s Day. The film has managed to crown Titan Raga as a conversation starter in the space of gender bias at work, while winning social media accolades all the way. Men as well as women have expressed their gratitude to Titan for making this ‘bold’ and ‘brilliant’ film.

Talking of bold, Anouk, Myntra’s contemporary ethnic wear brand whose tagline goes ‘Bold is Beautiful’ also tackled gender bias at work last year. The brand’s film ‘The Calling’ featured actress Radhika Apte as this high performing architect who isn’t being promoted despite having worked nights on the project. This discrimination started from the time she had gotten pregnant, but victory is hers at the end. She walks away from the job and starts up on her own.