Titan HTSE Now Powered Through Facebook

Titan HTSE Now Powered Through Facebook

Have you seen the latest Titan ad featuring Aamir Khan collecting different forms of energy sources? If not, then check this video.

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It’s not magic but the latest promotional strategy of Titan to introduce its new range of watches, HTSE. HTSE watches can be charged from any source of light energy and to promote this new launch Titan has created a website and amazing social media apps on Facebook .

‘HTSE-Wear a Watch’ is an app that needs to be powered by an energy source for it to run. Users with or without a webcam can enjoy this app which is really a great customer centric move. If you click on the option of having a webcam, then you need to hold a light source such as mobile display or torch or night lamp etc. right next to the webcam so that the app is powered up. As soon as the app is powered the screen gets bright and the battery cell shown next becomes green. If you don’t have a webcam, the app experience is more exciting. You have to catch and drag 5 fireflies on the watch to power it up. Its fun to catch and drag constantly flying fireflies but make sure you drop on the watch and nowhere else. Once you have powered the app, you get to see all the latest models and descriptions of the HTSE watches. Select the one which you like and you are given two options ‘TRY NOW’ and ‘KNOW MORE’. ‘TRY NOW’ feature uses ‘Augmented Reality’ that brings your chosen HTSE watch in front of your webcam display and now you can place your wrist and take a picture of it. So virtually you own the watch and you can make your friends envy you on Facebook, like this.

Titan HTSE

This is the only drawback if you are playing without a webcam.’ KNOW MORE’ tells you about the specifications of the watch. The app lets you to call your friends and you can also check users image who have tried it.

‘HTSE-Light Up’ is another app to this collection that powers up the profile picture selected by you. The app gets you all your Facebook pictures and you need to select the one which you like the most. The app selects it, powers it up by some cool editing and makes it your Facebook display picture. Titan has also created a website for this new range of collection, a Twitter account and is also going to launch a new mobile app for its fans. The idea is showing great response on Facebook since it’s a great way to try out new ranges sitting on Facebook rather than going to shopping outlets. This easy to use innovative idea is driving fans more on the threads posted on Facebook wall as shown below:


Amazing Response on Facebook Wall

Apps are a great way to engage fans on Facebook but bringing innovative ideas like ‘Augmented Reality’ is great work done by GroupM’s Maxus Interaction.

Source: AFAQS