This Brand Tells You What Is The Most Precious Gift This Diwali #ThisDiwaliGiftTime

The Titan Watches Diwali commercial conceptualized by O&M; tells viewers to gift their time this Diwali, as time is the most precious thing in this always on connected digital world

Time is a precious thing yet we don’t realise it until it is lost upon us. In this digital age dominated by screens of varying sizes, little do we realise how time passes by between work, home and information consumption. With the constant notifications, the urgent emails coupled with the impulsive nature to capture every moment and share with our social connections, one often forgets to spend uninterrupted quality time with their loved ones.

This festive season of Diwali, Titan Watches is on a mission urging consumers to gift the ‘Gift of Time’ to the people who matter. Through a campaign called ‘This Diwali gift time’, the brand has launched an ad film conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather and produced by Boot Polissh films, starring Bollywood actor Kalki Koechlin and Telugu actor Akhil Akkineni.

The commercial is set in a city close to the Eiffel Tower. A happy Kalki is staring away into the brightly lit horizon set against the Eiffel Tower, from her terrace top and enjoying the Diwali celebrations happening close by. She is soon joined by Akhil who notices the celebrations and the Eiffel tower and proceeds to capture it on his mobile phone.

As he continues to click a picture of her, Kalki gets miffed and asks him what she must do to get his undivided attention. He says she gifted him the phone, to which she replies with the question, would he gift her his time if she were to gift him time? The confusion clears soon when Akhil realises she has slipped a watch onto his wrist and he says yes. The commercial ends with the line, ‘lamho ka taufa, apno ke liye’.

Uploaded on Titan’s YouTube channel, the minute-long video has crossed over 1.3 million views till date. It is accompanied by social media promotions on the Facebook and Twitter pages of Titan Watches.

The Titan Facebook page with over 1.9 million fans has shared the video and invited its fans to share it with someone who needs to be reminded to spend time with them. One has to tag the brand and also use the hashtag #GiftOfTime while giving a reason as to why you want to gift someone the gift of time and how you would use it. And Titan will make your dream come true!

On Twitter, the brand is sharing tweets focusing on the importance of gifting time, along with the #GiftofTime contest.

A well timed, timeless message

Titan has made a very strong point in this campaign. The biggest gift we can give of ourselves is our time, yet we compensate by gifting expensive watches, precious jewellery, premium chocolates, luxury cars in the hope that it makes the receiver happy. Titan has chosen to go beyond gifting a watch to gifting your time instead, and the time of the campaign is just right around the gifting season. Moreover, the concept fits well into the life of today’s busy consumers, stuck between gadgets and the need to be ahead.

This Diwali gift time also resonates with the watch brand and further adds to its gifting appeal. Together with the #GiftofTime social media contest, the brand has managed to spread its message across. So, who would you gift time to this Diwali?