Grab Your Helix From Timex And Waste Your Time

About the Helix India Facebook Page and Grab Your Helix Facebook Campaign review

India has one of the largest population in the Gen Y (15-35 years) category and the number even surpasses the entire population of certain countries. It would be a no brainer to say that these are the people brands should focus on.

And that is exactly what Timex is known to do since they came to India years ago and still continue to do in a great way! With the advent of social platforms, they have cleverly latched on to them and are trying to engage with the youth. The Timex Helix page is not different in that way and they proclaim it loudly by the tag like ‘Helix is for the young and the young-at-heart’, aligning clearly with Timex’s marketing DNA. But what particularly caught my eyes was this app that proclaimed the youth to ‘Grab your Helix’, in my terms its one of the best ‘call-to-action’.

Clearly, the objective of this campaign was to take on the Fastrack brand of watches and tell the world that Helix aligns much better with the younger fans. The campaign handled by JWT tells the story in a way that they capture the youthful trends, which includes ‘wasting time’ and living life to the fullest.

About Grab your Helix

With about 118k fans, you know that the Facebook page is doing a great job of getting users, but as I put on my ‘reviewer’ cap, it really becomes interesting.

Status Updates: They are doing a great job indeed by having regular updates on the page keeping the fans/followers interested. I see them leveraging events or special occasions - Mickey Mouse’s Birthday, Dusshera, Diwali and sending out related updates.

App Tabs: In addition to the usual photos and likes tab, Helix has cleverly embedded their YouTube channel to the Facebook Page. Critical stats - 6 odd videos out there and one of them getting about 200+ views and total of about 350 views. While that may sound an interesting number, I am not too sure about those stats since number of Facebook ‘Likes’ in that small plugin at the bottom says ‘74k’. This ratio between likes & views seems very out of place.

The other tab is labelled ‘Grab your Helix’. As I said earlier, since it is a great ‘Call-to-action’ I clicked it instantly expecting a contest like page to appear. Unfortunately, that was not the case and it was a static HTML page with images of different watches and on clicking them, it took me to ‘Helix’ webstore. While I was okay that it was not a contest page, which I would have otherwise liked more, but something that intrigued me was that it took me to the home page of Helix Webstore. It would have been really good had they  taken me to the product page of the watch that I have clicked.

Overall, I would say that they have missed an opportunity to engage with fans through the Apps tab.

Ending thoughts

While, as stated earlier, the objective was to align with youth and pick up some trends, I believe it has missed out from the core message. Along with regular content that showcases some of its watches, they have messages interspersed proclaiming ‘waste time’. But the ‘waste time’ messages without any call-to-action signals, has generated feeble engagement for the campaign.

Without a doubt, Timex has a huge following amongst the youth and this was one opportunity for them to connect very closely with them. As I see it, while they are trying to induce the fans with frequent updates, it has not yet generated more engagement, unless you count ‘likes’ as engagement. For each status update, they have only been able to generate 2-5 comments while the number of ‘likes’ are in 100s. Hence, the ‘likes’ are not really converting to great engagement.

And certainly, to keep the youth engaged, they need to have more contests. It would ensure that the fans keep revisiting the page and spend more time. Meanwhile, they are there, but not yet quite there!