Here’s Checking Out Asia’s Only Mobile First Social Media Management And Analytics Platform

Review of Thoughtbuzz, the social media management and monitoring product which was acquired by To The New last year


Social media has been a boon for the common man as well as brands. While social networks have given us immense power to create history, brands have been empowered by the medium too. Today social media offers the best analytics and measurement techniques like no other medium. According to a recent study, social media analytics market will grow from $620.3 Million in 2014 to $2.73 Billion in 2019, at a CAGR of 34.5%.

The huge market potential has given well established businesses and startups to look at the market with a laser focus. Today the situation is that the market is crowded with all kinds of social media apps. You name it and there is an app for a particular function. From free apps to highly expensive products, the market has everything which is also making the life of a marketer quite difficult.

So I was taken aback when I read Thoughtbuzz, the Singapore based social media analytics platform which got acquired last year by To The New has launched a unified social media management and analytics platform for brands and enterprises. In real term it was a re-launch with much more efficient business offerings.

Talking about the new offering, Anshul Jain, CEO and Founder at Thoughtbuzz shared that user experience is a priority for them and so Thoughtbuzz the only SMM tool is mobile-first. “We understand that mobile is now the primary device for consumers globally and our goal is to offer all our features on mobile in an interface which is built for it.” Talking about some other interesting features, Anshul updated me over an email that the product is among a handful of social media management platforms which provides analysis on image based networks such as Instagram.

Review of Thoughtbuzz mobile version

Thoughtbuzz is regarded as “Asia’s only mobile first social analytics platform”, so I opted for the mobile responsive product for the review. The landing page of the site on mobile has no big signup box, tap on the category icon to locate the signup button. I opted for the Facebook login and the home screen or dashboard looks like the below screen grab.


Users logging into the app for the first time would have to add their social profiles to be managed and tracked by Thoughtbuzz. The app allows you to add Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram accounts; once you have added the required ones, you need to wait for a while before the app loads all the data.

The dashboard is the notification directory as you can see in the above mobile screen grab. You can view all of them, most recent ones or select depending on the networks added. On further tapping, the app takes you to the respective notification on the specific network.

Social is the second tab which allows you to add your social feeds and manage them via the app. Basic operations of replying or retweeting or like is possible from within the app. Besides this the Social tab also allows you to post updates to different networks and even schedule the updates for a future data and time. The below screen grab gives you a quick look of all the features present underneath Social.

Thoughtbuzz social

Influencer Marketing is a trend that has been for a while on social media and brands are getting innovative on using the feature. Keeping it in mind, People is one of the interesting features of Thoughtbuzz as the app lets you import contacts from social networks thereby leading to locate the most active followers of your brand or profile. Tap on any follower or fan to get further information. It is interesting to find your brand advocates but have patience when you import your contacts; it takes a while depending on the follower base.

Anshul is pretty excited about this feature specifically. “We have worked very hard on influencer identification because that’s something that all brands are very interested in. Instead of just finding influencers on blogs, we think that brand’s own fans or followers can be their best influencers.” He further informed, “We identify influencers not just based on engagement but a host of other factors such as post type, content type etc.”

The feature is interesting and quite a few individual apps are also trying to serve the purpose. However, the data imported in the app has some mismatch. For example I imported two Twitter account details but I couldn’t find my desired accounts in one of the imports. Besides the data related to activities such as retweets and mentions both on web and mobile are not convincing enough.  Perhaps ThoughtBuzz could look at the functioning of this feature.

Analysis is another interesting feature, the app provides interesting visual insights about the social media activities for the networks added for tracking. Select the social network, select the account and you would be provided with simple and understandable reports to make sense of your social media activities. For example, Twitter reports give you the data of the follower count, Top RTs with links, Top User Locations and Top device sources. Similarly the YouTube activity insights is worth mentioning. The app provides data on country wise and traffic. Data like views, likes, comments, average views duration, subscribers gained are pulled for the user.

However, the data about most watched videos is still not responsive and the sorting of data would need some more testing too. The below screen grab gives a quick look of the Lighthouse Insights Twitter and YouTube account summary for the last week.

Thoughtbuzz analytics

Thoughtbuzz also provides more detailed analytics but to grab them one needs to be a premium customer or opt in for the paid account, informed Anshul,“The different versions of our product are categorized based on features and options. The Premium version offers more varied analytics and historical data over the free version.”

Is Thoughtbuzz your answer for social media management and reporting?

Based on the time spent on the free version of Thoughtbuzz, there isn’t much of a struggle to state that it can be your answer to social media management and reporting. With features like Social, People and detailed reports accessible from any device, Thoughtbuzz stands a clear chance of bigger eyeballs in the Asian continent. Thoughtbuzz also lists competitor monitoring as one more interesting feature but I wasn’t able to locate it; maybe it will be rolled out in the coming version.

Sharing his thoughts on what could be his product selling pitch to brand managers, Anshul states that as a team they are not focusing on cramming multiple features. “Unfortunately most of these so-called features only focus on the operational stuff such as workflow, team management. These are important but the first and foremost aim of any social platform is to provide the best data analysis. That is our focus.” He further added, “Our platform doesn’t throw various features at you when you log-in. We provide a very simple interface with a focus on showing analytics with the least amount of clicks.”

Thoughtbuzz wants to hold on to simplicity and apart from this the CEO informed that the proprietary-algorithms for lead generation work very well with SMEs who don’t have big budgets for social. Thus Thoughtbuzz is a definite yes for SMEs.

The company also stated at the launch that Thoughtbuzz complements its enterprise product OminoG. “OmnioG not only offers analytics for your own social assets but also provides blogs, forums, news and video monitoring based on keywords. We have a partnership with Datasift and so we have access to the Twitter firehose. Apart from this OmnioG has workflow, ticketing, user access control which are what our enterprise clients need,” said Anshul making it a lucrative offer for satisfying enterprises’ social and analytical needs.

With clients like Edelman, WPP, P&G, among others Thoughtbuzz is positive on creating its own market share. Anshul shied off from sharing any numbers for now. The social media management and monitoring product market isn’t a nascent one and is flooded with Indian and international apps. It would be interesting to watch the growth and the coming versions of the app.

Do give Thoughtbuzz a try and lets us know if you are convinced on ditching your current social media management and monitoring app for it.