Thomas Cook India’s #HolidaySortedHai Could Be More Sorted On Digital

#HolidaySortedHai, Thomas Cook India's campaign to bring alive its brand promise, could add some authenticity by bringing in true stories of smooth travel

Travel is getting big in India. With more Indians opting to loosen their purses to pursue their love for exploring new places, travel and travel related companies are betting big on India. This holiday season, Thomas Cook India, one of India’s leading travel companies that ensures you have a smooth holiday, is keen on increasing its mindshare, amongst the clutter of similar service providers also doing the same.

Thomas Cook India has rolled out a campaign called ‘Holiday sorted hai’ with the idea to bring alive its brand proposition of ‘Travel Smooth’. Conceptualized by L&K Saatchi & Saatchi. the TVC dons a sarcastic tone, with a vacationer narrating his harrowing experiences right from getting the visa to the tickets, forex and accommodation, all with a happy smile forced-fit on his face.

The guy is at a lounge of an airport at night, when he starts to describe his ordeal starting with the flight being delayed. He says he had to make only 4 to 5 trips to get the visa, while the TVC shows pictures that describe the reality of what truly conspired at the visa office. He then proceeds with how smooth arranging the booking and accommodation was, while in reality the scenes depicted show him facing difficulties with the two.

The same happens while he narrates how the duo managed to get forex, which is from a shady guy. The scene then moves back to the airport lounge where he claims this vacation has already brought him closer to his wife, who is seen sitting many seats away from him! The voice over at the end suggests not to take so much pain and visit for every travel need.


The ad is a clever one laced with the right blend of humour and brand information. It not only proves that it can live up to its promise of providing a smooth travel experience, but also makes a subtle hint at other travel companies’ inadequacies in end-to-end  travel solutions. The campaign straddles television, cinema along with social media to reach out with its new message.

The Thomas Cook India social media accounts have shared the ad film, and hosted a few activities too, to engage its  fan base. People were invited to share their weird travel experiences using the hashtag #HolidaySortedHai, while Thomas Cook gave away travel hampers to the most wackiest stories. One contest asked questions related to the TVC to ensure people watched it to the minutest detail.

The travel company has been extending the idea to other occasions as well. For instance, on Mothers’
Day, it asked people to share a travel experience where it was mother who sorted out the trip, using the hashtag #MomHaiSortedHai.

Could be more sorted on social?

A travel brand calls for a much more relevant buzz on social media to bring its point across. Else, it runs the risk of fading away as just another campaign that trended on Twitter, but what was it all about! ‘Holiday Sorted Hai’ cannot be complete or even authentic without stories of avid travellers who have an amazing Thomas Cook smooth travel experience to share with the world. Thomas Cook India could invite its patrons to share their smooth holiday stories using the campaign hashtag, to bring alive the brand promise.

Additionally, teaming up with travel bloggers or travellers on a vacation to share their experiences with the brand in real time, could add further impetus to the assertive brand message ‘holiday sorted hai’. For now, the campaign has taken the easy way out on social media with simple contests designed to trend, and also easily forgotten.