This Journey Is Fun – Lighthouse Turns Three!

Lighthouse turns three. Thank you readers and supporters.

We’ve turned three today and as they say the most amazing thing about turning three is that your world is now filled with discoveries. As we usher in a new beginning, we hope to discover fresh avenues in the space of Indian social media and express our gratitude for your ceaseless support. We could never have come so far if you did not read us!

LI-mascot-cakeHere’s a genuine ‘Thank You!’ and a cake to all our readers, contributors, advertising partners, content partners, critics and competitors, for shaping us this way.

The past year has been one of experimentation and learnings. While we feared we’d burn out much before we could implement them, we just about managed to touch the finish line. We have not been able to achieve some of our targets this year, either lack of funds or manpower have played spoilsport here, however we are working towards this. And, we hope you’ll stay with us through another year.

Here’s a sneak peak of what is coming up on Lighthouse:

Better content discovery: Discovering content on our blog is a nightmare. Yes, we know that and sincerely apologise for that. We promise to bring you an enhanced experience on the blog very soon. One that will not only continue to bring you the most happening stories in the world of Indian social media, but also help you in discovering these stories anytime, anywhere.

Read anytime, anywhere: Along with improved content discovery, the site will be redesigned to enable a smooth reader experience, be it on any device. We are two technically challenged people striving hard to invest on design and user experience, and would be enormously grateful to whoever takes the risk to consult us.

Interesting stories: By interesting stories, we mean stories big and small powered by social media, stories from Asia, stories from a variety of contributors, stories that can we can all be inspired by. And, yes, we want to grow the team but finding someone aligned with your vision is a tough ask, and arranging a year’s salary for him/her is even tougher!

Hoping this excites you to stay with us another year and thank you once again.