This Father’s Day Krispy Kreme Lets You ‘Say It With A Doughnut’

For Father’s Day, doughnut maker, Krispy Kreme has launched a Facebook campaign ‘Say it with a doughnut’ where users can send personalized doughnuts to their dads, as messages will be imprinted on them

Krispy kreme father's Day Facebook

Fathers are special. From being your first horse to the one to congratulate you first on your promotion, fathers are the ones silently guiding your way. Many a times, you are left wondering if you have done enough for your dad, especially if you live apart. Can you really repay all that he has done for you? Or maybe you can just express your love for all that he has done for you. How about doing that with a doughnut?

For this Father’s Day, doughnut maker, Krispy Kreme India has launched an adorable Facebook campaign called ‘Say it with a doughnut’. You can literally express your love for dad on a doughnut as your messages will be imprinted on them. The doughnut brand has partnered with a digital creative agency called ‘Frog Walks Out’ to create this special campaign where fathers will be sent a personalized box of doughnuts on Father’s Day.

Log on to the Krispy Kreme India Facebook page and go to the Father’s Day app. Enter your message in 15 characters that also includes spaces along with your address, mobile number and email. These messages will be imprinted on the doughnuts, maybe as shown in the picture. The ‘Order now’ takes you to online payment, after which Krispy Kreme will send this special pack of doughnuts to the address provided by you between 13th and 15th June.

The app has options for delivery date and delivery location like pick-up from cyber hub or citywalk too. The app says home delivery is only available for Delhi and Gurgaon.


The Facebook page has been sharing about the special offer, along with the brand’s Twitter page.

Going personalized is the way. What can be even better than a box of doughnuts? Surely a box of doughnuts with a special Father’s Day message. However, Krispy Kreme isn’t going all out to spread the word on social media. This Father’s Day special could be more buzzy if it involved a Twitter contest for #SayItWithADoughnut, where the sweetest messages to dad won the personalized doughnut boxes. Perhaps Kripy Kreme wants to contain the orders for Father’s Day.

Nevertheless, it is a smart marketing campaign for Father’s Day, one that will help associate Krispy Kreme doughnuts for family celebrations and special moments. They are taking orders till the 11th, so log on to the app right away!