These Rad Artists Are Creating Magic For #VibeUpMyLife In Ways You Could Never Have Imagined

A collection of some super creative Lenovo #VibeUpMyLife challenges requested on Twitter, as part of the 72 hour art-a-thon where rad artists add exciting layers to user photos in real time

The excitement is heating up as Lenovo braces for the launch of the world’s first layered phone in India. Currently in the midst of a 72-hour art-a-thon where 10 Rad artists are working round the clock accepting user challenges in real time and adding layers of excitement to their photos, the #VibeUpMyLife campaign is going strong on social media.

Apart from having a vibe of excitement added to users’ photos, they can also stand to win the phones. Here’s how you can win the world’s first layered phone.

Who wouldn’t want to vibe up their life, especially when it is this easy! User challenges have been pouring in on Facebook as well as Twitter and are continuing to do so. The artists are reportedly tired but aren’t giving up either. Be it a touch of romance, mystery or super fast adventure, their creative juices are flowing in full tide, and users have nothing to complain about.

Here we bring you a collection of some #VibeUpMyLife challenges requested on Twitter that are not only super creative but also take up the challenge head on: