These Are The Most Hilarious #Mangalyaan Tweets You Will Read Today

A Collection of 14 most funny tweets on India's successful #MarsMission or #Mangalyaan

mangalyaan-newshour meme

India’s Mars Orbiter Mission probe (MOM), more popularly called ‘Mangalyaan’ entered the red planet this morning. India is the first country to achieve this in the first attempt. What’s also amazing is that is the world’s lowest-budget mission to Mars. While the scientists at ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), and our PM Narendra Modi rejoice at this historic journey, the people of the country are not left behind.

Especially, the ones with the funny bone including the newly launched Twitter account of ISRO’s Mars Orbiter. The Indian orbiter on the red planet is a friendly one; it has already made friends with Curiosity Rover, NASA’s Mars mission that has been roving the red planet since August 2012.

Twitterati are an overjoyed lot too, and sometimes join the celebrations with a dose of humour. Here, we bring you a collection of the most funny tweets that is sure to tickle your sides:





Feature image credit: @musingsman